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6 Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners in 2022 ? Woks Best For You

6 Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners In 2021

Hello! So today we are going to talk all about affiliate programs. As you grow your business or online blog, you will want to join an affiliate program. The benefit of joining one is that it can make you money and attract more followers.

 In this post we are going to look at what makes a good affiliate program, and we will discuss a few of the options out there.
 We will make sure you know what each program can do for you and if it is beginner friendly. So, let’s get started!

What are the Qualities of Good Affiliate Marketing Program? 

There are many things you want to look out for when trying to get a good affiliate marketing program. I am going to discuss 4 things that you want to take into consideration and why.

1. Look at what the company’s reputation is – Does the company have good reviews? You want to look at their reputation and see if they are going to be reliable. A company that is well known and has good advertisements is going to make a good program.

2. Are their products compatible with your audience – this is probably the most important one to look at. If you are advertising things that your audience doesn’t want, then you’re not going to be successful at using their program. If your customers are not interested in your sponsored product, you could risk losing your credibility with them.

3. How well does the program pay – Obviously, your goal is to make money and help get more clientele. So, now we want to see how each program pays you. They all work a little differently and its important that you make the most out of your program.

4. How easy is it – Your time is important to you. You do not want to be wasting hours trying to figure out how to get it to work. With this said, you also want to make sure that the program you choose has great advertisements created for you. Some programs are better than others at letting you customize and get new banners and ads.

These are just a few important points to keep in mind when you are looking for a good program. So, as a recap we want to now look at some of these companies’ reputations, see how versatile their product is, if they are going to make you money, if it is easy to work with and if they have provided good materials for you to use.

Why should you join Amazon affiliate marketing program?

Why should you join Amazon affiliate marketing program

Join Amazon affiliate marketing program ?

In a previous post I compared Amazon to Walmart’s program. Amazon, to me, is one of the best programs out there. First, they have a great reputation, and they are the largest online market.

Second, Amazon is great because they have such a wide variety of products. This means that no matter what niche you are in, you are going to find merchandise to recommend to your audience.

Third, Amazon pays well. Depending on what you recommend to people you will get a percentage of the sale every time someone buys from your website. It is worth noting that it is not a mass amount of money. However, if you already have a ton of website traffic and faithful followers, it makes sense to recommend products that you find helpful and make some money. Let’s be honest we all shop from Amazon and have products we love that we can recommend.

Fourth, Amazon makes it easy. All you must do is cut and paste a link from their website and put it on yours. They truly have made this beginner friendly. 

So, in conclusion on Amazon’s affiliate program, it is a definite must. If you want even more detail on it, you can check out my other post about Walmart vs Amazon.

The Benefits of Joining the ClickBank Affiliate Program?

So, the first thing to be noted is that ClickBank is not an affiliate program. ClickBank helps connect you to affiliate marketers. It does not own the products. Rather ClickBank is a platform that can help you find marketers who wish to promote their product. Now let us get into the fundamentals on if this is a good platform to use.

ClickBank Affiliate Program

ClickBank Affiliate Program

First, it is reliable! ClickBank has been around for more than two decades and is exceptionally reliable. While using ClickBank you will consistently come across high value products.

This can give you the confidence to promote these products knowing they are worth it. One thing to be cautious about is it can attract a lot of bad product as well. So, just make sure you do your research on a product before choosing to promote it.

 Next, the question is are the products compatible with your audience? The short answer is yes! They have a wide range of products in almost any hobby or business you can think of.
They contain over 20 categories to look through.
In each category it has

several products. In the less popular categories, you can still have 50 products or more to search through. In the popular categories you have well over hundreds of products to choose from.

Thirdly, let us look at how much you can make. This is one of the best programs I have seen, it does have a downside though. The commission you get is awesome. 

You can get anywhere from 50 percent to 75 percent commission. In some rare cases you can get 100 percent commissions

Another great feature is you will get your commissions weekly and biweekly. This means you don’t have to wait for your money. Other programs may give you a pay out once a month or even quarterly. 

The only downside to this program is that if you don’t make a commission on a product, they will begin charging you. It isn’t much but I just don’t like that you have the potential to lose money.

Lastly, it is quite simple to use. It is easy to search the database of products and simple enough to add a link to your website. The only time-consuming thing is the effort you will need to make to research a product like I stated earlier.

In conclusion, ClickBank could be great for you if you are looking for a high pay out and specific products. Just remember to do your homework and advertise so you don’t lose money.

GrooveFunnels affiliate program does it make you money?

GrooveFunnels is a great website that helps you build your website. They have everything you can think of to create the perfect website.

The first point we will look at is its reputation. It has a good reputation and is free to use. This is a good bonus feature. GrooveFunnels is linked with GrooveDigital. It has the same creator and founder, Mike Filsaime.

Second, is it good for your audience? Well, if you have others who would like to create blogs and who could potentially sign up then yes !

groovefunnels affiliate program review

groovefunnels affiliate program review

Next, can you make money? You absolutely can make good money! The nice thing here is as soon as someone signs up from your website, they are linked to you. So, you can earn a commission off them. You can sign up for free, however you can also pay yearly for the next tiers and this will up your commissions. As others sign up and their friends sign up you can go ahead and make money off them too.

Lastly, is it easy? Surprisingly, it is quite easy. They provide you with a great variety of links, whether it is for social media, blog posts, thank you emails or a page builder. It helps you sell and market any products online and gives you access to a community of experts.

I really think this is a great program. You can easily make commissions even if you do it for free. If you get enough people signed up under you, then you can upgrade and make even more.

How does the JVZoo Affiliate program work?

Now I will move on and talk about JVZoo. This affiliate program works much like ClickBank. It also is a platform that brings you to product that you can then feature on your website. It is a little different than ClickBank.

Looking at JVZoo’s reputation it is a reliable company to use.  They are in competition with ClickBank, however ClickBank is more well-known and popular.

Second, we move on to your audience. They do not have as much products as ClickBank. You want to focus on new product launches and ones with good reviews. You also really must make sure that your audience and traffic aligns with what products you are promoting.

jvzoo affiliate program

jvzoo affiliate program

Next, can you make money? Yes, if you choose to put in the work. This is not as simple as amazon. Using their banners and ads isn’t as affective. Also, if you are not honest about a product and someone decides to return it, you will lose money. JVZoo is 100 percent pro consumer based. So, personally I feel like this isn’t worth the time and effort you need to take to find the right product, advertise it through good SEO, and hope for sales. You also must get approved to sell each product. It is not too difficult, but it is just one more step to hope to make money. Another downside to making money is you do not get paid until 30 days after the selling month. You can gain access to an instant pay, but you must sell over 50 of the items to qualify.

Finally, it is kind of simple. All these affiliate programs are simple to use. JVZoo is easy to navigate, however you must put in a ton of work to advertise your product you wish to promote and make sure you test it out first. These are just a few of the things you must do in order to use JVZoo.

I feel as though, JVZoo is way too like ClickBank with just one problem, you could have to give your entire commission back if someone chooses to return a product. The effort that you need to make to sell a product doesn’t feel worth it.

Why should you join WarriorPlus affiliate marketing program?

 we have another platform that will connect you to affiliate products that you can promote. WarriorPlus is an amazing program that you should definitely sign up for.

The reputation of WarriorPlus is quite reliable. This platform has been running since 2006 and has great customer service scores. The support they provide is outstanding and helpful. Their claim to help you build a profit holds true. Let’s see how they can hold to that claim.

WarriorPlus affiliate marketing program

WarriorPlus affiliate marketing program ? 

Second point is their products and your audience. They have a huge number of products. Just like the other platforms they have a variety. One nice thing about WarriorPlus is that they talk in detail about the product, give reviews and usually a video about the product. This is really going to help you decide what will work best for your audience. Upfront they tell you how much of a commission you will make. You do have to be selected to sell a product, but it is as simple as an email through their platform.

You will make good money with WarriorPlus. They really have it designed in a way to uphold their claim to make you a profit. As your traffic visits your site you can easily sell and make good commission. Their commissions are on the high end, so you make good money!

Lastly, their website is by far the easiest to navigate and they provide you with great links. If you have any questions or issues, you can contact the customer service line and they can help. They can even help with technical problems too which is quite convenient.

 Honestly, you cannot go wrong with WarriorPlus. They help guide you the whole way, bring you to great products and make it easy to get big commissions.

How does eBay affiliate program work?

eBay’s affiliate program is by far the easiest to use and is a great way to earn a little income. This one works quite like amazon. eBay’s is just a little more simplistic.

Obviously, eBay is a trustworthy platform. They are well known and have been around a long time. People have been using this website for many years to buy from or auction products.

Next point is about eBay’s products and your audience. eBay over the years has stepped up and opened the variety of products they have. With a total of 10 categories and over 400 subcategories, you are bound to find products that will fit your needs.

How does eBay affiliate program work

How does eBay affiliate program work 

Next point is about eBay’s products and your audience. eBay over the years has stepped up and opened the variety of products they have.

With a total of 10 categories and over 400 subcategories, you are bound to find products that will fit your needs.

Thirdly, eBay will make you quick, easy money. It works like Amazon. All you must do is apply. Then you create affiliate links. These links can send you to specific products (including your own that you are selling), search results and other locations.

Next, you promote it on your website, blog or any social media you have. From there you earn commissions. The commissions vary from each category just like Amazon’s. They also will add a credit every time someone makes a purchase.

Lastly, eBay of course is simple. As I have already stated, they make it easy to apply and creating links is simple.

So, after reviewing eBay, I say that you should work with their program because it is simple and will help add to your affiliate program profit.

Summary of all the programs

I just want to give a brief summary of all the programs because there is so much information above. Honestly, if any of them sounded good to you, you should do more research. All of them are great but only some of them may fit into your needs and what goals you have.

 One other great thing is you can combine your affiliate programs to make more money. I am going to give my final words on what exactly I think is the best concoction of affiliate programs.

 My combination is based on the easiest and most successful programs.

My final words

After all this information it might seem overwhelming. Let’s break it down on what you should do. First, go sign up for GrooveFunnels, and WarriorPlus. You should add Amazon’s and eBay’s affiliate programs to your goals. Then start advertising and doing what you have already been doing and make some money!