JVZoo Affiliate Program

JVZoo Affiliate Program – a detailed guide


JVZoo Affiliate Program – An Overview

If you are looking for an effectual way to make extra money, JVZoo is the best bet!
It is an affiliate network using which you can earn great commissions by promoting and selling digital products listed by various sellers. The JVZoo affiliate program offers commissions as significant as 50% to 100%.
You can choose which digital products you want to promote from thousands of digital products for sale, spread across 21 categories like Internet Marketing, E-Commerce, Make Money Online, Software, Self-Improvement, etc.
Making money as JVZoo affiliate is very intriguing. In this step-by-step guide, we will explain how you can become a part of the JVZoo affiliate program.
However, before that, let’s first look at some of the advantages of the JVZoo affiliate program.

the JVZoo affiliate program

JVZoo affiliate program








Advantages of JVZoo Affiliate Program

Planning to become a part of the JVZoo affiliate program? If yes, then here are some benefits that you will be eligible for:
⦁ It is completely free for affiliate and sellers
⦁ All payments are instant via PayPal
⦁ High affiliate payouts and commissions between 50% – 100%
⦁ Phenomenal sales tracking and statistics
⦁ A wide-range of categories and products to promote

Becoming a part of the JVZoo Affiliate Program – a Step-by-Step Guide

Thinking about making money as JVZoo affiliate?
Follow this detailed, step-by-step guide to becoming a JVZoo affiliate in a matter of few minutes!


Step #1 – Registration


The process begins with the registration. To become a part of the JVZoo affiliate program, you first must register yourself by visiting this link – –>>>


Making money as JVZoo affiliate

Making money as JVZoo affiliate

Step #2 – Verification of E-mail ID and PayPal account

The second step is indeed a crucial one, as it involves the verification of your e-mail ID used for registration and your PayPal account which will be used for payments.


Step #3 – Getting familiar with the dashboard

Once your registration is complete, it’s time you take your first step to making money as JVZoo affiliate, i.e. knowing the dashboard inside-out. Start searching for the best products and ways to promote them to earn amazing affiliate commissions.
To search for products, click on Affiliates >> Find Products


making money as jvzoo affiliate

making money as jvzoo affiliate




Step #4

Finding the best product to promote as an affiliate

This is the most important part as your earnings are directly related to the product you choose to promote. You need to pick your products very smartly.
Here’s how you can do it:
⦁ Go through the “How to find the products” video












⦁ Select the “category” and “sub-category” to delve deep into the products you want to promote






⦁ You can sort products based on the “launch date”, “conversion rate”, “how many sold so far”, “EPC”, “average price”, “refund rate”, “commission rate”, etc.


making money as jvzoo affiliate

making money as jvzoo affiliate

⦁ You can also check the “Top Sellers” page under “Products” to find the most popular and hot-selling products


jvzoo affiliate program

jvzoo affiliate program

Making money as JVZoo affiliate – useful tips

⦁ Pick a product with a low refund rate and a high conversion rate
⦁ Ensure that you get a quick glimpse of the seller page before you go onto request the affiliate link. If the product page is attractive, your chances of selling the product will go up.
⦁ Before you finalize the product you want to sell, ask yourself if you would like to buy the product as a consumer


Step #5

Checking for the products approved by the sellers

Once you’ve requested affiliate links from the seller, you might have to wait for the seller to provide approval for you to become an affiliate and promote their products.
To check the approval status, click on Affiliates>>Approved Products.

Step #6

Getting the affiliate link post approval by the seller

To get your affiliate link click on the “Get Link” button after which a pop-up with the link and payout details will open. Using this link, you will be able to generate traffic and sales and earn huge commissions under the JVZoo affiliate program.

jvzoo links affiliate

jvzoo links affiliate

Step #7

Checking the overall clicks, sales and visits

To grab an overview of your “clicks”, “sales”, and “visits”, click on the first tab i.e. Overview. For detailed statistics and numbers, click on “See detailed stats.”


Making money as JVZoo affiliate

Making money as JVZoo affiliate

Step #8

Setting up a website to promote the chosen products (domain, hosting and WordPress

installation and get WordPress Theme

the next step is to send traffic to your affiliate link which can be done through a website or promoting to your email list. To make it a better experience, you can also add product comparisons and product reviews.
However, before creating a website, you must have the domain name and hosting in place.
Follow the steps below to create an impactful website to promote your affiliate links:
⦁ Visit ⦁ GoDaddy and purchase a relevant domain name for your website in just $1.17


Cheap Domain

Cheap Domain

⦁ The next “must-have” is a hosting which connects your website to the internet. Having a good hosting is the key. It will make sure your website loads quickly and doesn’t have long down-times. You can purchase hosting from ⦁ Hostgator Review at just $2.75 per month.



⦁ The third and most important step is setting up a “WordPress” website to promote your JVZoo affiliate program links. This is another important aspect of making money as JVZoo affiliate. All you must do is – install WordPress, pick a theme for your website, add necessary plug-ins and create content relevant to the products which you are promoting. Don’t forget to add a contact form to to capture the leads so that you are able to follow-up with them till the final purchase.


Remember, in this case, you have to come-up with useful content that will help you convert your website visitors into potential buyers. Moreover, the content should be SEO optimized to rank high in search engines and attract organic traffic.
Help your website visitors make an informed purchase decision by providing complete details of the product. Different types of content you can use are:

⦁ Review posts
⦁ Product comparison posts
⦁ How-to posts

My favorite Authority WordPress Theme he’s the I have on my website for is the Best one for me 


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Step #9

Using an Autoresponder to follow-up with your leads

To earn commission in the JVZoo affiliate program, it is vital to continually follow-up with your leads till you convert them into sale. This is where an email marketing tool with an autoresponder comes into the picture. E-mail marketing done correctly can provide positive results within a very short span.

With MyMailIt you do not need to pay any monthly fees to use the autoresponder. MyMailIt is one of the top-rated email marketing platforms that comes with autoresponder as a bonus!
Using MyMailIt you can create a list of the leads generated by you using the contact form on your website and smoothly run email marketing campaigns to convert them into sales.
Learn more about MyMailIT>


Step #10

Last but not the least, taking a back-up of your WordPress website

Once your JVZoo affiliate program website is ready, you must take necessary steps to keep it secure by running instant backups which are secure.
WP Blazer is a cost-effective software that helps you manage your WordPress websites using a single website. It is quick, efficient, easy to use and equipped with advanced technology.
With WP Blazer, you can:

WP Blazer WP Blazer is Managing your multi-number blogs is no more a heavy task ,wp Blazer it is very easy to use WordPress software to manage my WordPress website is great for backup
⦁ Manage all your WordPress websites using a single dashboard
⦁ Save big on hiring someone to manage your WordPress websites
⦁ Save big on monthly fees of a software for taking backups of your WordPress websites
⦁ Post new content on your WordPress website in one-go
⦁ Group your WordPress websites for easier management
Learn more about WP Blazer >






The bottom-line

Making money as JVZoo affiliate is the best way to earn passive income. If you are looking for interesting ways to make money, then JVZoo affiliate program is the best bet for you!
So, what are you thinking about?
Hurry up and get going. Sign up now for the JVZoo affiliate program.


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