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1-Click Blog Post Review and 1-Click Blog Post Bonus in 2021

1-Click Blog Post Review ? is Creates  Unique Content  

​ Creating great WordPress content for your website is not an easy job due to it needs creativity and innovation. One of the solutions for this problem is using 1-Click Blog Post plugins that are actually working to transcript video into your content. It is sound so good and practices right so that you can spend so many times to choose the best YouTube video

You are interested to understand more about this plugin. However, you cannot enjoy these plugins for free and there are many packages that offer different prices. Apart from creating content instantly, this plugin provides features in the form of importing videos and embedding videos on your website. If you are interested in knowing more details about 1-Click Blog Post Review, then you need to read this review to the end

  1-Click Blog Post Review – Overview

​Ankur Shukla
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What is 1-Click Blog Post?

Maybe you have never heard of 1-Click Blog Post and it's very reasonable because the number of plugins in WordPress is very large. After you understand a little about these plugins based on the previous brief review, then you need to dig more to be able to use all the features available.

Competition for website traffic is currently increasing. If you are not familiar with the 1-Click Blog Post plugins, it will take you a few hours to produce a single blog post. Generating so many posts almost every hour would be the most grueling thing. Even though there are many other websites that are able to post in almost every half hour because these websites employ many employees. Automatically, those of you who only work alone will immediately lose and go down in Google search rankings.

​​1-Click Blog Post Review

​​1-Click Blog Post Review

If you are familiar with the 1-Click Blog Post plugin, then creating a blog post in a matter of seconds can be done. You will be able to upload an unlimited number of content each day and don't have to bother creating your own content. Sounds very amazing and tantalizing to all website owners. This one plugin is still new, but it has immediately become popular, especially for online marketers.

This software or plugins was released by Ankur Shukla to make it easier for anyone to post with just 1 click. Many people are surprised by the presence of this content creation software. Since the first time this software was released, there have been lots of positive responses from bloggers as well.

Developer Ankur Shukla has always made brilliant breakthrough plugins and bloggers are always waiting for the release of every new plugin. This software allows you to create quality content using only YouTube URLs.

You will also be able to immediately use the video view as thumbnail automatically, so you no longer have to create your own. This plugin allows you to add time-stamps to your content which allows you to directly enter a section in the video that you are using to create website content.

Easy to use 1-Click Blog Post  ?

For those of you who are used to installing plugins on WordPress, you can do it easily. While reading this guide, it is perfect for beginners in the world of WordPress. Intrigued by how to use 1-Click Blog Post, then you need to see each of the following steps.

Step 1 Go To WordPress Site  install Plugin 

Step 2 Add New Post

Step 3 Add Youtube video  URL

ProfitzToday Review and ProfitzToday Bonus bonus

· Open your WordPress Account and access the dashboard section and visit Plugins.

· Select Add New and your WordPress screen will change.

· Search for plugins by using the search bar for plugins and typing 1-Click Blog Post.

· You will be able to see the plugins on your computer screen and click Install Now.

· Wait for the download and installation of plugins to complete. The process won't take long, especially for those of you who use 5G or 4G internet access.

· The 1-Click Blog Post plugins that have just been installed need to be activated manually. Select Activate to activate the plugin on your WordPress account.

· Create a new post in WordPress.

· Copy the YouTube video URL that you find interesting and paste it in the Youtube URL table in the 1-Click Blog Post Plugins.

· Give Insert video settings by adding a checkmark and also Set Video image as a Featured image or as a thumbnail in your post.

· After completing the settings, the rest you only need to click Insert Content. The settings will be saved automatically so that the next post you don't have to repeat the same plugin's settings.

· Your new post will have an interesting content and the video will be added to your article.


This new plugin released by Ankur Shukla offers the convenience of creating website content by embedding videos. Some of the features that you can use from this plugin are automatic import and embed in one step. You can add a time-stamp to the content so that it will immediately open a special section of the section in the video that you embed.

The last feature that 1-Click Blog Post has is the creation of a thumbnail or featured image from the video that you embed. All the features that these plugins offer can be run in one click. You no longer need to bother creating video content and thumbnails one by one. You can easily upload an unlimited number of posts per day using this plugin.

No wonder these plugins immediately attract users from among blog or website owners. If you are just starting out in blogging, then there is nothing wrong with trying these plugins which you can get at affordable prices.

Things I love about 1-Click Blog Post

You don't need to create your own thumbnail images and can use the plugin to embedded videos. There are many packages of these plugins and you can choose according to your needs. 

MY  Final words about 


             John Silveira

You already know all things related to 1-Click Blog Post review. If you intend to earn income from blogs and websites, then you need to use this one plugin now. The need to post content no longer takes a long time and there is no need to bother creating thumbnails on the featured image.

1-Click Blog Post Review
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 1-Click Blog Post bonus ?

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Thanks for taking the time to check out my   1-Click Blog Post  review + 1-Click Blog Post   Bonus

1-Click Blog Post  OTOs

Some of the pricing plans you can choose from are Front-end at $ 27,  

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