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Top 10 Tips to Get Top Rankings & Free Traffic TO My Website

Free Traffic TO My Website

Top 10 Tips to Get Top Rankings & Free Traffic TO My Website

If you’re looking for effective ways to rank your website on top in search engine results and increase your website traffic, then you’re at the right place! In this post, we will talk about 10 tips to help you attract more free traffic to your website and rank high on the first page of search engines like Google. I have used these wonderful tips to get top rankings and free traffic my website.

Free Traffic to My Website
Free Traffic to my Website


             Get Top Rankings and Free Traffic to Your Website – 10 Useful Tips
While I was on my quest to figure out techniques for ranking my website get traffic, I came across these 10 useful tips.
Here are 10 proven ways to increase your website traffic and improve your search engine rankings:

1 Create engaging and high-quality content

As someone rightly said, content is the king these days. Content is one of the most essential ranking tools to my website to get traffic which I have started paying attention to these days.
If you want your website visitors to engage with you and spend more time on your website, you need to provide content that is valuable, informative and appealing to the target audience.
Write content that is detailed, resourceful and contains keywords that users are searching for.
Publish data-driven blogs, article and infographics. Leverage the art of storytelling to evoke motions and better your conversion rates. Use your personal experiences as a part of the content to make it more genuine and relatable for the audience. Write catchy, click-bait headlines to improve for click-through rates.

top rankings and free traffic my website
top rankings and free traffic my website

No matter what type of content you are posting, don’t forget to add a CTA at the end.
This is one important thing that I learnt during my study for ranking my website get traffic. While regular blogging is important, don’t settle for it. Use different types of content like Videos, Infographics, Ebooks, Animated GIFs, Guides, Product demos, etc. to woo your readers.
Also, keep your hands clean of any forms of plagiarized content. Use tools like Grammarly and CopyScape to keep a check on duplicate content.
You can spend some time learning how to research and write a quality article or you can get the same done from various freelancing websites like Fiverr, iWriter, Textbroker, Upwork. Free Traffic TO My Website
Here’s a writer that I have used in past and can vouch for when it comes to high-quality, 100% genuine content:
A lesson well learnt – content is the first and most essential factors to get top

2   Use Yoast SEO 

If you wish to rank high on search engines and get more visitors from Bing and Google, attract social media traffic to your WordPress website or increase the engagement of your website visitors, Yoast SEO can become a blessing for you. My efforts for ranking my website get traffic started showing results after I added Yoast SEO, one of the best ranking tools to my website to get traffic.
Using the Yoast SEO plugin, you can:



ranking tools to my website to get traffic
ranking tools to my website to get traffic

# Optimize all your content pages for up to 5 keywords

# Check your content’s readability quality and calculate the Flesch Reading Score

# Set main categories and add tags to your content

# Help Google understand your content using canonical URLs

#Get useful suggestions for linking to relevant pages on your website

# Conveniently redirect old URLs to new URLs

Free Traffic to My Website
Free Traffic to My Website


Grab a clear glimpse of your focus keywords and SEO scores and Free Traffic TO My Website
Download the Yoast Plugin to optimize your website content, improve your overall rankings and gain more visitors. By leveraging Yoast SEO, I have started ranking my website get traffic.

3 Add your website to Google Webmaster tools

Google Webmaster Tools are extremely important for your website. Google alerts you about issues it comes across while indexing your site and it’s vital to not ignore them. I was struggling to get top rankings and free traffic to my website until I got to know about the magical Google Webmaster Tools.
You can use Google Webmaster tools in these 7 effective ways:

Adding a site-map to help Google understand your website structure and index relevant pages

# Optimizing existing content to increased website traffic

# Fixing your sitelinks for effective indexing. You can demote links that are not required and promote better links to get more traffic

# Fixing any HTML errors that can adversely affect the indexing of your site

# Fixing any server errors

# Implementing Geographic targeting

# Removing unwanted, bad links


ranking tools to my website to get traffic
ranking tools to my website to get traffic

Google provides ample information in the Webmaster Tools to monitor your website and make changes in the structure wherever required.
This can help you rank your website high and get more traffic. It has definitely helped me in ranking my website get traffic. After adding the Google Webmaster ranking tools to my website to get traffic, my website visitors have shot up dramatically.

Use the fastest web hosting

Websites that operate efficiently and are swift have higher chances of ranking high on Google search results. However, this is possible only when you choose a fast web hosting providing service like NameCheap. I have always used  Namecheap hosting for buying web hosting and ranking my website get traffic.


ranking tools to my website to get traffic
ranking tools to my website to get traffic

A website sitting on a bad web hosting platform can become a mess. NameCheap optimizes your website with decreased loading time, 99.9% uptime, and improved SEO rankings as your website is likely to be active on the web throughout the year.
Your choice of a good hosting plan, whether it is dedicated or shared can determine the pace of your website here is namecheap review
Dedicated web hosting is best suited for websites with a huge number of daily visitors. In a dedicated server hosting, a single served is segmented into multiple virtual servers. It can handle many visitors with greater uptime.
By adding fast web hosting ranking tools to my website to get traffic, I have managed to improve my website’s uptime.

Rank higher with optimizilla image optimizer

Search Engine Optimization is not merely about optimizing text-based content. Thoroughly optimizing your website images provides it an additional opportunity to be found using image search. Free Traffic TO My Website
A compelling logo or a catchy image can be as effective in attracting high traffic to your website, a text-based content.
Once I realized the value of images and how image optimizing helped me achieve my website traffic goals, I believe that it is one of the key factors for ranking my website get traffic.

Free Traffic TO My Website
Free Traffic TO My Website

# Image size – the size of your images can have a powerful impact another important search factors i.e. the speed of your site. Bulky images are the biggest culprits behind sluggish websites.

Image name – The name of your website images can help them get easily discovered in search engines. Uploading a picture with a name which is your main keyword betters it chances of getting ranked on search engines. 

# Title text – The title text is finally the name of your image and serves a somewhat similar purpose to an image filename. The principal difference is that it requires being understandable by humans as well as computer readable. Therefore, it is a good idea to use spaces to group the words in your image, not dashes or underscores.

Alt attributes – In case your images fail to load, alt attributes are the text options that will get displayed. Since web crawlers don’t have eyes, they’re also what search engines “see” instead of an image, making them essential for both approachability and SEO.
Using a optimizilla , you can optimize your images effectively and increase your chances of ranking high in search engines.
I have now added image optimization ranking tools to my website to get traffic and enhance my website’s search engine rankings.

Decrease website load time

Optimizing your website is not just limited to optimizing content, graphics or fixing the coding. It is also important to ensure that webpages load quickly, without any errors or flaws.
Website loading time is one of the many SEO ranking factors that search engines like Google consider for ranking your website. Faster loading website are given high priority, while websites which load slowly are penalized by Google. This is where caching comes into the picture.
This is another important factor I came across while I was learning how to get top rankings and free traffic to my website.


W3 Total Cache is a WordPress plugin that can help you in increasing the performance of your website by at least 10%. An improvement in your website loading time as mere as 1 second can have a positive impact on your website traffic, conversion and ranking.
By caching information continuously and carrying out the “minification” process, it helps you decrease your site’s loading time.
By adding W3 Total Cache plugin to your WordPress website, you can increase your search engine rankings by speeding up your site. I have tried it for ranking my website get traffic and it worked wonders for me.

Leverage SEO link building 

Though SEO is not only about links, expert search professionals attribute a significant part of the search engine algorithm to link-based factors. Through links, search engines can analyze the popularity status of pages and websites based on the number of sites linking to them and determine different aspects like trust, authority in the industry and spam score.
I understood the importance of SEO link building while having a hard time with my hit and trial methods to get top rankings and free traffic to my website.
Websites that are trustworthy, tend to link to other trusted websites and vice-versa. On the other hand, spam websites receive fewer links from trusted sources.
Therefore, search engine linking building is the need of the hour. Growing the links of your website is important for increasing your web traffic and ranking high in search engines. ranking tools to my website to get traffic
Some benefits of SEO link building are:



top rankings and free traffic my website

Page and domain authority – When Google picks which pages to rank for a specific search query, one of its major considerations is the quality and quantity of inbound links (page authority) to the page. When measured on a website level, it is called domain authority. 

# Referral traffic – The links can be used to get more readers to your website

# Brand authority – Through link building you can emerge as an expert in your industry ranking tools to my website to get traffic

Brand prominence – Link building leads to higher brand visibility and greater chance to earn traffic through various guest posting websites

# Influencer marketing – While searching for influencers to build link for your website, you get to know popular external publishers 

Credibility and trust – When you receive links from popular publishing platforms, you gain authority and credibility, resulting in increased conversion rates

You can leverage best-selling link building software like Money Robot to take your SEO link building initiatives to the next level. I never forget to add SEO building rankings tools to Free Traffic TO My Website.

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Get more social traffic

Social media can play an important role in increasing your website traffic. There are numerous effective ways to combine high-quality content with social media to enhance your digital presence.
The links that you share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Reddule and Instagram can help your website gain more exposure and traffic. 

By producing engaging content on social media platforms, you can get infinite free traffic to your website. For ranking my website get traffic, I now make the most of my website’s social media presence.
Here are 3 ways to increase your website traffic using social media:

ranking tools to my website to get traffic
ranking tools to my website to get traffic

# Make the most of visual content – When content is more visually appealing to your eyes, you pay more attention to it and share it with your connections. Research shows that when compelling images were paired with textual content, the information retention rate was 65% as compared to a mere 10% where only textual content was available.  ranking tools to my website to get traffic

# Post consistently – When it comes to increasing your website traffic and engaging with existing readers on social media, consistency is the key. Once your social media traffic starts to grow, your website traffic will automatically improve. Create a well-planned social media calendar to plan posts days, weeks and months in advance. ranking tools to my website to get traffic

# Keep an eye on your competitors – Finding out what your competitors are up to should be an effective part of your social media strategy. You can use the information to drive more engagement to your website and social media pages.

With Flow Traffic, a 360-degree push-button software, you can increase your website visitors using social media in less than 20 minutes, create engaging content for your readers and do much more than you can even imagine. This is another great pick from the added ranking tools to Free Traffic TO My Website.

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Backlink Checker tools 

Studies show that backlinks are an important aspect of search engine ranking factors. When it comes to increasing your website traffic and improving your search engine ranking, gathering links from other high-authority websites can do magic.
From the perspective of a search engine, links signify a website’s popularity. Each time a site links to your website, it means that they are finding your website worth for their readers. I was amazed to see how I could take advantage of backlinks to get top rankings and free traffic to my website.

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When search engine algorithm comes across a site with a large number of sites linking back to it (backlinking), it concludes that the site is a source of valuable information and should be rewarded with higher rankings.
Backlink for a high-ranked website is more precious than a backlink for a website with low ranking. I always use backlinks from high-authority websites for ranking my website get traffic. ranking tools to my website to get traffic
Therefore, search engines judge websites based on two factors – number of backlinks and the quality of backlinks.
Using a backlink checker tool you can find the number of backlinks to your website and plan your strategy accordingly. I always ensure that I add backlinking checking ranking tools to my website to get traffic.

 10 Ensure that your website is mobile-friendly
Did you know?
60% of website searches take place on mobile devices. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure you have a mobile-friendly website.
These days consumers do not fancy sitting in front of desktops or laptops. Rather, they prefer to access your website on the using their mobile devices.
Therefore, your website must be mobile friendly with proper visibility and easy navigation to scan your site quickly on mobile and prevent them from approaching your competitors.


Free Traffic to My Website
Free Traffic to My Website

Nowadays, I don’t pay much heed the desktop version of my website. Instead, I spend my time optimizing the mobile version of my website for ranking my website get traffic.
Also, Google may penalize you for not having a mobile-responsive website.
Benefits of a mobile friendly website:
⦁ Fast website loading
⦁ Easy navigation ranking tools to my website to get traffic
⦁ Streamlined browsing experience
⦁ Increased average user time on website
⦁ Chance to gain an edge over your competitors
⦁ More conversions
⦁ Higher search engine rank
⦁ Low maintenance cost
Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test extends a swift and uncomplicated way to help you discover if your site is mobile-friendly or not. All you have to do is type in your URL and click the button “RUN TEST.”