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WP Toolkit Optimiser Review in 2020 and WP Toolkit Optimiser Bonus

Nowadays, most people build a website for their business because they want to attract more visitors to increase profit. A website is a very important portal where visitors can check your offer and then make a purchase. If you run an online business and want to get a lot of buyers, then you must build a good website. Building a website is easy, but it is difficult to make sure that your website runs fast. Many people get annoyed with a slow website. When your website is loading slowly, your visitors will leave you. As a result, you lose your profit. Fortunately, you can count on WP ToolKit Optimiser to help you speed up your website. How does it work? Let us check the WP Toolkit Optimiser review to know that this tool is really good for speeding up your website.

 WP Toolkit Optimiser Review

In this review, I would like to show you how WP Toolkit Optimizer can really help you speed up your website. This WP Toolkit Optimiser is compatible with WordPress websites so you will not lose your profit. If your WordPress site runs too slow, you will get the consequences such as lost ranking, fewer Opt-ins, high Bounce Rates, Lower conversion, and higher ad cost. With this tool, you can optimize your website so it will run faster than ever.

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 What is WP Toolkit Optimiser

WP Toolkit Optimiser is a kind of software that helps website owners speed up their websites. Many website owners experience these issues when their website is overload or gets a lot of traffic. Of course, this can your visitors annoyed. WP ToolKit is a tool that can optimize your website to have a better user experience. There are a few reasons why your website may be slow, such as:

  • You may choose a bad hosting provider
  • You do not choose a solid theme
  • You do not use an effective caching plugin
  • You are not optimizing the images
  • You are not optimizing your homepage to load quickly
  • You are not optimizing the WP database
 Fortunately, when you count on WP Toolkit Optimiser, you can fix all of those issues. WP ToolKit Optimiser will help test the host and the framework. The main functions of WP ToolKit Optimiser are to give better cache, image optimization, homepage optimization, and

WP Toolkit Optimiser Review

database optimization. There are many other functions that you will find out when you use this tool to speed up your website.

Somehow, before you use a cache, you should optimize your website first because if you use cache in the beginning, it is just like adding a turbo to an overloaded vehicle. Caching will only cover the issue, but it does not fix the issue despite WordPress Caching is also very important.

The question is, does WP ToolKit Optimiser really work? You can find a lot of proof from websites that use WP ToolKit Optimiser. When you use this tool to speed up your website, it will reduce the load time up to 500%. For instance, when your website runs slow and has load time about 8 seconds, then once you optimize it using the tool, your website will load in 2 seconds only. It is 6 times faster than before.

You have to keep in mind that speed is the most important thing to consider when you build a website. Half of your visitors will leave your website when they access your website and take more than 3 seconds to load. Of course, you will lose profit because your visitors are gone.

Easy to use  WP ToolKit Optimiser ?

Is it difficult to use WP ToolKit Optimiser? Well, WP Toolkit Optimiser is really easy and fast to use. This becomes the easiest and faster Optimiser tool in the world. With a few clicks, you can optimize your website instantly. You can just click to diagnose your website and then select the recommendation or let it fix automatically.

WP ToolKit Optimiser includes several functions such as :

  • Web Connectivity Test- It will help you detect poorly maintained server hardware, how long the server has been running, the bad server location, and much more.
  • Living Hosting Test- It helps you check the RAM memory use, PHP setting, PHP memory, host setting, and drive capacity. When there are some issues, you can choose the recommended setting.

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  • Live Plugin and Theme Test- It helps you decide which theme or plugin that makes your website run slow and compare several themes against the default WP theme. You can select an alternative theme that makes your website run faster just in case it significantly influences the page speed.
  • Auto GFX Optimising- It helps you optimize the graphic quality using Tinypng. You can get auto graphic optimization to make the website run faster but it does not reduce the graphic quality significantly. You can crunch up to 500 images for free every month, or you may upgrade to premium to get unlimited image optimization.
  • Lazy Load Images- It helps you manage the page images loading so that the page does not load the entire images, except the visitors scroll down to check more. This is a great idea for a long landing page that may consume a lot of data, but the page will be more responsive after applying this setting.

Features WP ToolKit Optimiser

There are a few features that you will get if you use WP ToolKit Optimiser such as:

  • It is compatible with all WordPress sites
  • It is really easy to use and fast
  • It can make your website 5 times faster than before
  • It can detect speed hog plugins and themes
  • Auto-optimize graphics and database
  • Lazy load image as user scrolls
  • You can use it to check your website uptime and detect poor server
  • You can use it to check drive capacity, host setting, PHP setting, PHP memory, and RAM memory.
  • It can test your current plugin and theme and give the best recommendation
  • It provides free image crunching up to 500 images
  • It also provides database scrubbing
WP Optimiser WordPress Speed
WP Optimiser WordPress Speed Problems
​Things I love about WP Toolkit Optimiser

Why do I like WP Toolkit Optimiser so much? Well, after you see some of the features above, you will know that WP ToolKit Optimiser is a really promising tool that can really help you speed up your site. I really love WP Toolkit Optimiser because it comes with a lot of features, while it is not too expensive to afford. Also, when I tried it to optimize my website, this totally works. My website becomes even faster than before. Another reason is that this tool can reduce the image capacity without reducing the image quality. Also, this tool provides a lazy load image that is compatible with my landing page. It is a really good feature if you build a landing page for selling products with a long page.

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 WP Toolkit Optimiser -- Assessment and Price and oto
WP Toolkit: Optimiser$27.00
Viper Cache$37.00
WP Toolkit: SmartLinks$37.00
WP Toolkit: SmartLinks Add On 1$17.00
WP Toolkit GPL$67.00



MY  Final words 




Finally, this the WP ToolKit Optimiser review to help you decide which tool you should choose in order to speed up your website. Well, I really recommend you to buy this tool because it is really effective, easy, and fast. Many website owners have tried this tool because it comes with a lot of features.

 Bonuses ?

To Make This Even Better For You, I Have Put Together WP Toolkit Optimiser Bonus When You Pick This Up Today.


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Thanks for taking the time to check out my WP Toolkit Optimiser review + WP Toolkit Optimiser bonus