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Viral CB Review 2023 – Is Peter Matt’s Viral Affiliate Marketing Course Worth It?

Viral CB Review and Bonuses

Viral CB is an all-in-one online business training program that teaches regular people how to leverage viral social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram to drive free organic traffic, leads, and sales. Created by industry expert Peter Matt, this step-by-step blueprint uncovers a repeatable framework for affiliate marketing success.

Get My Bonuses HERE

Get My Bonuses HERE

Vendor: Peter Matt

Product: ViralCB
️Launch Date: 12/07/2023
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What is ViralCB?

Background and Creator Info

ViralCB was created by Peter Matt (also known as Pedro Madaleno), a professional marketer and famous jazz musician from Portugal. With over a decade of experience building online businesses, Peter developed this training course based on a highly effective affiliate marketing strategy he used himself to generate over $80,000 in the past two years alone.

His simplified system makes it possible for complete beginners to replicate his results without prior experience.

Course Structure and Components

The ViralCB training course consists of 18 video lessons totalling over 5  hours of step-by-step instruction. Peter carefully guides students through every aspect of establishing a thriving viral affiliate marketing business from the ground up.

The components covered include:

  • Strategies for content modeling
  • Affiliate product selection
  • Blog setup/optimization
  • Personal branding
  • Video creation tips
  • Social media optimization

With its comprehensive scope yet accessible delivery, ViralCB aims to shortcut students’ path to success.

The ViralCB training course
The ViralCB training course

How ViralCB Works

Leveraging Social Media Virality

At its core, ViralCB teaches students to create viral content on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube Shorts, and Facebook. This leverages the exponential reach of social media, allowing regular people to build massive audiences organically.

By strategically incorporating calls to action into the viral content, students can then convert their social media engagement into leads, sales, and an automated affiliate marketing business.

Turning Engagement into Leads and Sales

ViralCB focuses on promoting affiliate offers from networks like ClickBank, BuyGoods, and Digistore24. So instead of selling their own products, students direct traffic from their viral content to pre-made sales funnels.

When audience members click on these links and complete purchases, commission payouts are automatically triggered. This hands-off system allows for regular passive income with very little ongoing work required.

Benefits of Viral CB

Income Potential

Peter shares how it’s possible to consistently generate $149 per day within 5 days and eventually $500+ daily using this strategy. Since results scale proportionally with audience size, the income ceiling is essentially unlimited.

Flexible Lifestyle

Unlike traditional businesses, ViralCB lets students work remotely. By leveraging viral social media instead of paid ads, the business can run on complete autopilot with very little maintenance once established. This frees up time for family, vacation, and living life on your own terms.

Low Barrier to Entry

Since ViralCB revolves around free organic traffic instead of paid ads, students don’t have to worry about large startup costs or marketing budgets. The core strategies also work for any niche, so there are no limitations on topics. Beginners can get started easily without any prerequisites.

Course Contents

Strategies and Modeling

The training videos provide strategic frameworks for identifying and modeling successful video formats, types, and accounts on each platform. This ensures students are creating content optimized for virality from day one.

Affiliate Product Selection

ViralCB outlines a process for finding profitable affiliate offers across various networks, avoiding low-converting products. The right offers match audience interests while maximizing commission rates.

Blog Setup and Optimization

For those interested, Peter reveals how to quickly setup and optimize a blog. This works synergistically with social media content to compound authority and traffic. Students low on time can skip blogging altogether though.

Personal Branding

Proper branding is key, so Peter covers logo design, domain registration, and foundational image/video production for establishing credibility. This kickstarts the know, like and trust factor.

Video Creation Without Showing Face

Showing your face is unnecessary. ViralCB focuses on angle, framing, and editing techniques for creating studio-quality videos while remaining anonymous.

Optimizing TikTok and Instagram

In-depth training on editing, posting frequency, trend incorporation, sound selection, captions, and more. Follow proven guidelines for skyrocketing organic reach on TikTok, Instagram Reels, and beyond.

Promotion Angles

For Newbies

ViralCB is perfect for total beginners seeking an easy, automated business model. Without prior experience required, this framework sets first-timers up for faster success.


You don’t need to show your face or compromise privacy. ViralCB equips people to build impactful personal brands around their content rather than image.

Time Investment

A complete business can be ran in as little as 30 minutes per day after the initial ramp up period. This makes it achievable even for those with full time jobs or busy lives.

Niche Agnostic

These promotion strategies work flawlessly across any niche. Recipe videos, sports reels, comedy sketches, fashion content, book summaries, and beyond all thrive with ViralCB’s core principles.

Generates fast organic traffic and salesProduction quality important
Flexible and automatedConsistent posting needed
Works for all nichesOversaturation risk
Accessible for beginners
Anonymity possible
ViralCB Review
ViralCB Review


What is ViralCB?

ViralCB is a step-by-step affiliate marketing training course that leverages viral social media traffic to generate automated income streams.

Who’s it for?

Complete beginners to advanced marketers. The frameworks work for all backgrounds and experience levels.

Do I need to show myself?

No face reveals are necessary. The course provides techniques for impactful yet anonymous personal branding.

How much time does it require?

After the initial ramp up period, the automated system takes as little as 30 minutes per day to maintain.

What if I’m not tech/social media savvy?

No prior tech or online skills are required. ViralCB guides you from ground zero all the way through mastery.

Conclusion: Viral CB Review

For anyone seeking a flexible, accessible business model powered by social media, ViralCB hits the mark. Peter’s decade of affiliate marketing experience combined with the exponential power of viral content results in a repeatable framework for success. With the right roadmap, regular people can level up their income while retaining complete control over their lifestyle.

So if you’re looking for clear direction and want to avoid years of trial and error, ViralCB streamlines the path tremendously. Peter’s over the shoulder training condenses the most effective strategies into one automated system.

Viral CB Review And  Bonuses

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Get My Bonuses HERE


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