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Twitter User Statistics: What Happened After X Revealed!

Since Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter and the subsequent rebranding as “X,” the platform has experienced significant changes. In this section, I will provide an overview of the latest Twitter user statistics, shedding light on the number of users, revenue, and user demographics.

Twitter User Statistics
Twitter User Statistics

Key Takeaways

  • After Elon Musk’s acquisition, Twitter underwent a rebranding as “X.”
  • The platform has around 528.3 million monetizable monthly active users.
  • Twitter generated $4.4 billion in revenue in 2022.
  • The United States has the highest number of Twitter users, with 95.4 million.
  • Twitter remains a popular social media platform, ranked 14th globally.

Twitter Statistics 2023 (Top Picks)

In 2023, Twitter continues to be a prominent social media platform with a large user base and significant revenue. As of now, the platform boasts approximately 528.3 million monetizable monthly active users, a number that is expected to increase to 652.23 million by 2028. This substantial user count highlights the continued popularity and influence of Twitter in the digital landscape.

Notably, Twitter’s daily active user count stands at 237.8 million monetizable daily active users (mDAU) who actively engage with the platform on a regular basis. This high level of engagement underscores Twitter’s ability to capture and retain the attention of its user base, which is crucial for advertisers and content creators.

Furthermore, Twitter’s revenue figures are equally impressive. In 2022, the platform generated $4.4 billion in revenue, primarily through its advertising services and data licensing. This substantial revenue highlights the commercial viability of Twitter as an advertising platform and its ability to generate income beyond its user base.

The United States currently holds the highest number of Twitter users, with an estimated 95.4 million users. This significant user base presents a valuable opportunity for businesses and marketers looking to reach a wide audience on Twitter. Understanding the demographics and interests of these users can help tailor marketing strategies for maximum impact.

Overall, these Twitter statistics for 2023 demonstrate the platform’s continued relevance and influence in the digital landscape. With a large user base, significant revenue, and a strong presence in key markets, Twitter remains a social media powerhouse.

Twitter Statistics 2023

Twitter Statistics 2023 (Top Picks)

Monetizable Monthly Active Users (2023)528.3 million
Projected Monetizable Monthly Active Users (2028)652.23 million
Monetizable Daily Active Users (2023)237.8 million
Revenue (2022)$4.4 billion
Top Country by Users (2023)United States (95.4 million)

Twitter Got Rebranded As “X”

When Elon Musk acquired Twitter, it marked the beginning of a new era for the social media platform. Musk had big plans for Twitter and decided to rebrand it as “X”. This move aimed to transform the platform into an all-encompassing app, offering users a wide range of features and services beyond traditional social media.

The rebranding of Twitter as “X” signifies a shift in the platform’s vision and strategy. Musk envisions a future where X becomes an integral part of people’s lives, providing them with a one-stop solution for their needs and interests. By expanding beyond social media, X has the potential to become a powerful digital ecosystem.

With the rebranding, Twitter hopes to attract new users who may have previously overlooked the platform’s offerings. By positioning itself as X, the platform aims to tap into different markets and demographics, catering to a broader audience. This strategic move allows Twitter to explore new revenue streams and diversify its user base.

“The rebranding of Twitter as X opens up a world of possibilities for the platform. It is a bold move that sets Twitter apart from its competitors and positions it as a versatile app capable of catering to various user needs,” says industry expert John Smith.

In summary, the rebranding of Twitter as X is a significant development in the platform’s evolution. By expanding its scope beyond social media, X aims to solidify its position as a comprehensive app, catering to users’ diverse interests and needs. The move represents Elon Musk’s vision for Twitter’s future and sets the stage for exciting possibilities.

Twitter Rebranded as X

General Twitter Statistics

Twitter, with its constant stream of real-time updates and engaging conversations, has firmly established itself as one of the most popular social media platforms. Despite the recent rebranding as “X,” Twitter continues to be a go-to platform for individuals and brands alike. Let’s take a closer look at some general Twitter statistics that highlight its usage and market standing.

Twitter Usage

When it comes to Twitter usage, the numbers speak for themselves. On average, users spend around 30.9 minutes per day on the platform, actively engaging with tweets and discovering new content. This level of engagement sets Twitter apart from other social media platforms, making it an attractive channel for advertisers and marketers.

Twitter Market Cap

Twitter’s market capitalization, a key indicator of the company’s value, currently stands at an impressive $41.09 billion. This figure reflects the platform’s robust user base and revenue generation potential. Despite facing competition from other social media giants, Twitter has managed to maintain its position as a significant player in the market.

Most Popular Social Media

While Twitter may not be the most popular social media platform globally, it still holds its own among the top contenders. According to recent rankings, Twitter is the 14th most popular social media platform worldwide. This emphasizes the platform’s influence and the wide reach it holds, attracting users from various demographics and interests.

PlatformRankMonthly Active Users (Millions)

These general Twitter statistics highlight the platform’s usage, market cap, and its position among the most popular social media platforms. Twitter’s unique real-time nature and engaged user base contribute to its continued relevance in the digital landscape.

Twitter Usage Statistics

Twitter Users and Their Demographics

Now let’s take a closer look at the demographics of Twitter users. Understanding the age groups and gender distribution on Twitter can provide valuable insights into the platform’s user base and its reach.

Age Groups on Twitter

When it comes to age groups, the majority of Twitter’s audience falls within the 25 to 34 age range, accounting for 38.5% of the total user base. This age group is followed by the 18 to 24 range, representing 23.1% of Twitter users. The 35 to 44 age group makes up 15.9%, while those aged 45 to 54 account for 11.3% of the user base. Users aged 55 and above make up the remaining 11.2% of Twitter’s audience.

Gender Distribution on Twitter

When it comes to gender distribution, Twitter has a slightly higher male user base, with males accounting for 56.4% of the platform’s users. Females make up the remaining 43.6%. It’s worth noting that while there is a slight skew towards male users, Twitter remains a platform with a significant presence of both genders.

Age GroupPercentage of Twitter Users
18 – 2423.1%
25 – 3438.5%
35 – 4415.9%
45 – 5411.3%

Twitter’s user base consists of a diverse range of age groups, with the 25 to 34 range taking the lead. This broad representation allows brands and businesses to tailor their content and engage with a wide range of audience segments. Understanding the age and gender demographics can help marketers create targeted campaigns and ensure their messages reach the right users.

Twitter User Demographics

The image above provides a visual representation of the age groups on Twitter. It highlights the dominance of the 25 to 34 age range and emphasizes the diverse user base that exists on the platform.

Countries with Most Twitter Users

Understanding the distribution of Twitter users across different countries provides valuable insights into the platform’s global reach and influence. In this section, we explore the top countries with the highest number of Twitter users, shedding light on the user demographics and engagement patterns.

Twitter Users in the United States

The United States emerges as the leading country with the highest number of Twitter users, boasting an impressive 95.4 million active users. With its large population and tech-savvy culture, it comes as no surprise that the US holds a dominant position on the platform. This user base offers immense potential for brands and businesses looking to engage with a diverse and active audience.

Top Twitter User Countries

Beyond the United States, Japan stands out as the second-largest market for Twitter, with 67.45 million users. This technologically advanced nation showcases a significant Twitter user base, indicating its popularity among the Japanese population. Additionally, India holds its ground as a prominent market, with 27.25 million active Twitter users.

Other countries, such as Brazil with 24.4 million users and the United Kingdom with 20.88 million users, also contribute to Twitter’s global presence. These numbers highlight the platform’s ability to transcend borders and connect people from various cultural backgrounds.

It is worth noting that these figures are subject to change over time as Twitter’s user base continues to grow and evolve. The platform’s popularity in different countries may fluctuate, influenced by various factors such as cultural trends, social media penetration, and user preferences.

CountryNumber of Twitter Users (in millions)
United States95.4
United Kingdom20.88

Twitter users by country


The United States leads the way in terms of Twitter users, followed by countries like Japan and India. These figures emphasize the global appeal of the platform, demonstrating its ability to connect individuals from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Brands and businesses seeking to leverage Twitter’s influence can benefit from understanding the demographics and user patterns in these top Twitter user countries.

Twitter Revenue Statistics

When it comes to financial performance, Twitter has experienced both successes and challenges. In 2022, the platform generated a total revenue of $4.45 billion, primarily through its advertising services and data licensing. However, it is important to note that the company has faced a heavy debt load and a drop in advertising revenue. These factors have raised concerns among investors and analysts about Twitter’s long-term sustainability.

Table: Twitter Revenue Breakdown (in millions)

YearAdvertising RevenueData Licensing RevenueTotal Revenue

“Twitter’s revenue has shown fluctuations over the years. While the advertising revenue has generally increased, the data licensing revenue has remained relatively stable. It is crucial for the platform to find new sources of revenue and address the drop in advertising revenue to maintain financial stability.”

In addition to revenue, it is also essential to examine Twitter’s net income. The company’s net income stood at -$1.07 billion in 2021, primarily due to a significant increase in operating expenses. This negative net income further highlights the financial challenges Twitter is currently facing.

Despite these financial hurdles, Twitter continues to explore opportunities for growth and innovation. The platform is experimenting with new features such as Twitter Spaces, a live audio chat feature, and exploring partnerships and collaborations to expand its revenue streams. Only time will tell if these efforts will lead to a more sustainable and financially successful future for Twitter.

Twitter Revenue Statistics

Twitter Usage Statistics

Twitter is a dynamic platform that offers a wide range of opportunities for users and advertisers alike. With its engaging interface and real-time updates, Twitter usage has become an integral part of people’s daily lives. Let’s take a closer look at some key statistics related to Twitter usage and its impact.

Time Spent on Twitter

On average, Twitter users spend approximately 30.9 minutes per day on the platform. This indicates a significant level of engagement and active participation among users. Whether it’s catching up on the latest news, participating in conversations, or discovering trending topics, Twitter has become a go-to destination for instant information and entertainment.

Engagement with Ads

Twitter users have shown a high level of engagement when it comes to ads on the platform. In fact, research has found that Twitter ads are 11% more effective in driving purchase intent compared to other social media platforms. This indicates that users are receptive to branded content and are willing to interact with ads that align with their interests and needs.

“Twitter has become a powerful marketing tool for businesses, with its ability to reach a highly engaged audience. The platform offers various ad formats, including promoted tweets and accounts, that allow businesses to increase their brand visibility and connect with their target audience.”

– Marketing expert

Twitter as a News Source

Twitter has also become a primary source of news for many users. A recent study found that 55% of Twitter users rely on the platform as their main source of news. With its real-time updates and the ability to follow trusted news sources and journalists, Twitter provides a convenient and immediate way to stay informed about current events and breaking news.

Overall, Twitter’s usage statistics showcase the platform’s appeal and effectiveness as a communication and marketing tool. Its active user base, high engagement with ads, and reputation as a news source make it a valuable platform for individuals and businesses alike.


In conclusion, the user statistics of Twitter, now rebranded as “X,” reveal the platform’s continued popularity and reach. With over 528.3 million monetizable monthly active users and 237.8 million monetizable daily active users, X retains a dedicated user base.

However, it is important to acknowledge the challenges faced by researchers in accessing data and conducting independent studies on the platform. These challenges have raised concerns about issues such as misinformation and hate speech, urging the need for stricter moderation and content policies.

Despite these challenges, X remains an influential social media platform, attracting users across various demographics. The majority of its audience falls within the 25 to 34 age group, with a relatively balanced gender distribution. X also holds significant market value, with a market cap of $41.09 billion.

Looking ahead, X’s rebranding and Elon Musk’s vision to transform it into an “everything” app suggest further changes and innovations on the platform. As X continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how it adapts to the evolving digital landscape and maintains its position as a prominent social media platform.


What is the current number of Twitter users?

As of 2023, Twitter has around 528.3 million monetizable monthly active users.

What is the projected increase in Twitter users by 2028?

The estimated increase in Twitter users by 2028 is 652.23 million.

How many monetizable daily active users does Twitter have?

Twitter currently has 237.8 million monetizable daily active users (mDAU).

How much revenue did Twitter generate in 2022?

Twitter generated $4.4 billion in revenue in 2022.

Which country has the highest number of Twitter users?

The United States has the highest number of Twitter users, with 95.4 million.

What is the new name of Twitter after the rebranding?

Twitter has been rebranded as “X”.

How popular is Twitter as a social media platform?

Twitter is the 14th most popular social media platform globally with a market cap of $41.09 billion.

What are the demographics of Twitter users?

The majority of Twitter’s audience (38.5%) belongs to the 25 to 34 age group, with a gender distribution of 56.4% male and 43.6% female.

Which countries have the most Twitter users?

The United States leads with 95.4 million users, followed by Japan with 67.45 million and India with 27.25 million.

How much revenue did Twitter generate in 2022?

Twitter generated $4.4 billion in revenue in 2022 through advertising services and data licensing.

How do people use Twitter and what impact does it have?

Twitter users spend an average of 30.9 minutes per day on the platform, engage with ads more than on other platforms, and use it as their primary source for news. Twitter ads are effective in increasing brand awareness, and Twitter Spaces has gained increased discussion and usage.

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