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Trump Waffles on DACA, Responds to Hurricane Irma: A Closer Look


-President Trump is facing a series of crises, both natural and of his own making, from hurricanes to immigration reform. And at every turn, he continues to remind us that he is just fundamentally unfit for the job of president. For more on this, it’s time for “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] In times of crisis, people want to hear gravity and reassurance from their president. Instead, we have a president who can’t seem to strike the right tone when a new hurricane is on its way, like when he tweeted yesterday, “Hurricane looks like largest ever recorded in the Atlantic!” Hey, man, this is a serious and deadly threat.

Save your exclamation points for when the McRib comes back. [ Laughter ] Trump is clearly not suited for the presidential task of reassuring a worried nation. Just yesterday, he had the opportunity to talk about the government’s preparations for Hurricane Irma before a meeting with Congressional leaders, and this was all he could muster. -There’s a new and seems to be record-breaking hurricane heading right toward Florida and Puerto Rico and other places.

Line:0% We’ll see what happens. We’ll know in a very short period of time, but it looks like it could be something that will be… not good. Believe me, not good. -Not good. You sound like a grandparent who just walked out of a “Transformers” movie. [ Laughter ] “What’d you think, Grandpa?” [ Gruff voice ] “Not good. How does a car that tall turn into a 30-foot robot? Where’s all the extra metal coming from? It makes no sense.” [ Normal voice ] But while he prepares to deal with Hurricane Irma, Trump is also dealing with a political storm of his own making — his decision to end DACA, the Obama-era program that allows undocumented immigrants brought here as children to remain in the country. Even Republicans, like House Speaker Paul Ryan, had urged Trump not to terminate DACA so that Congress could come up with a solution instead. And Ryan made that clear last week. -I actually don’t think he should do that, and I believe that this is something that Congress has to fix.

These are kids who know no other country, who were were brought here by their parents and — and don’t know another home. And so I really do believe that there needs to be a legislative solution. -There you go. Couldn’t be clearer. Paul Ryan did not want Trump to end DACA. And it’s not like Ryan would ever change his mind as soon as Trump chose to end DACA, right? -President Trump was right in his decision.

Line:0% [ Audience groans ] He made the right call. -Paul Ryan flips so much, he should be at SeaWorld. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] So, now, Ryan and the rest of the GOP leadership — which had previously urged Trump to hold off on ending DACA — have once again traded in their dignity and changed their minds to line up behind Trump. And instead of rewarding them for their loyalty, just hours later, Trump threw all of them under the bus out of nowhere by saying he might change his mind on DACA, tweeting, “Congress now has 6 months to legalize DACA. If they can’t, I will revisit this issue!” So, basically, it went, “Don’t rescind DACA.” “I’m rescinding DACA.” “Well, in that case, we support your decision.” “I don’t care what you do, just fix DACA.” [ Laughter ] Trump’s Pottery Barn rule is, “If I break if, Paul Ryan buys it.” [ Laughter ] Trump, right now…

[ Cheers and applause ] Right now, Trump is siding with Democrats and undercutting his own party. He’s like a hurricane, except he doesn’t follow any path. Oh, Hurricane Trump, he’s heading for the Democrats. And whoa! Hold on, he’s changing course! Look out! [ Laughter ] So, naturally, everyone was confused as to what it was that Trump actually wanted. Reporters asked him yesterday if he was already regretting his decision to end DACA, but he insisted he was not. Of course. Of course he doesn’t have second thoughts. He doesn’t have first thoughts. [ Laughter and applause ] You can’t… [ Cheers and applause ] You can’t have a sequel to a movie that was never made. “I can’t wait for ‘Wizard Finger 2.'” [ Gruff voice ] “I didn’t get it.” [ Normal voice ] “Oh, I’m sorry, Grandpa.” [ Laughter ] And then, earlier today, Trump issued a tweet that seemed to assure the Dreamers that they would be safe for the next six months, writing, “For all those (DACA) that are concerned about your status during the 6 month period, you have nothing to worry about – No action!” And it turned out that tweet came via Nancy Pelosi’s suggestion after Donald Trump called her.

Line:0% -Well, you know, I’m not famous for going into details of conversations with presidents. We did talk about some other issues, but — but because he…then put out the t– and I was reporting it to my colleagues — I said, “This is what I asked the president to do,” and boom, boom, boom, the tweet appeared, so that was good. -So… [ Laughter ] Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi got Donald Trump to call her, and then suggested he tweet something that he then tweeted? That is some serious Jedi [bleep] Nancy Pelosi. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] Bravo. “These are not the immigrants that you’re looking for.” Now, it’s important to understand that, despite his tweet, Trump’s administration is already in the process of winding down DACA. They aren’t accepting any new applications, and recipients whose protections expire by March need to make sure they reapply by October. So Trump’s tweet is confusing, which is not surprising, because Trump often lacks a basic grasp of the details when it comes to policy.

Just take tax reform as an example. Yesterday, he flew to North Dakota to talk about cutting government red tape. See if you can make sense of anything he’s saying here. -North Dakota is an inspiring example of the amazing things that are possible when we unleash the genius of American innovators. Unite the red tape, and I’ll tell you — And we have to unite everything, and all that red tape becomes beautiful when you get rid of it. But — And we’re getting rid of it. Are we getting rid of a lot of red tape, by the way? -He sounds like a regional-theater actor who blanked on his lines. “To be or not to be… because, I mean… how can you be… if you’re not…being? Am I — Line!” [ Laughter ] But somehow… [ Cheers and applause ] Somehow, Trump’s speech managed to get even worse when he decided to call his daughter and White House advisor Ivanka to the stage in this cringe-worthy moment. -Come up, honey. Should I bring Ivanka up? Come on. [ Cheers and applause ] Sometimes they’ll say, “You know, he can’t be that bad a guy.

Line:0% Look at Ivanka.” [ Laughter ] No, come on up, honey. She’s so good. She wanted to make the trip. She said, “Dad, can I go with you?” She actually said, “Daddy, can I go with you?” I like that. Right? “Daddy, can I go with you?” I said, “Yes, you can.” -Ugh. What was that — Bring your daughter to jerk day? [ Laughter ] Usually when you hear “daddy” and “honey,” that many times, you have to clear your browser history. [ Laughter ] Now, Trump’s scattered grasp of policy and the free-wheeling nature of the White House may be why new Chief of Staff John Kelly has tried to impose order. The New York Times reported last week that Kelly, “Has regimented the flow of paper, people, and information inundating Trump. The president, for his part, has marveled at the installation of management controls that would have been considered routine in any other White House,” with Trump telling a senior aide, “I now have time to think.” And here is our best guess of what Trump thinks about when he has the time.

-Ivanka. Ivanka. Wall. China. Wall. Ivanka. Golf. Wall. China. LGBTQ. [ Laughter ] -But clearly… Clearly, there are some close to Trump who don’t appreciate the new regime, although their analogies don’t always quite hold up. A reporter for Politico tweeted this week that a “Former White House official just described General Kelly as the ‘Mrs. Doubtfire of the White House — General Doubtfire’ because he’s gentrified everything.” Did you see “Mrs. Doubtfire?” [ Laughter ] It’s not about gentrification. It’s the sad story of a woman with face blindness who can’t recognize her own husband in a wig.

[ Laughter ] [ Applause ] So… [ Laughs ] “You let them know we took down ‘Doubtfire.’ [ Laughter ] We went after Trump and then got a little bit of ‘Doubtfire.'” Trump’s inability to understand DACA is only making the situation worse. If he doesn’t want to end the program, then the answer is simple — just don’t do it. Instead, he’s needlessly throwing the lives of hundreds of thousands of young people into chaos. That’s, um — What’s the word for that? -Not good. -This has been “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ].

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