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Synthesys software review AI voice generator in 2022

Synthesys is an AI voice generator that I recently tested. This software creates a high-quality voice in real time and can be used to create quality audio content of your own voice reading or speaking text, or it can be used to edit existing audio files, such as podcasts or audiobooks. For this Synthesys review, I’ll explain how the software works and provide some information about its features so you can decide if this software would be useful to you in your own business or personal endeavors.


SYNTHESYS TEXT TO SPEECH GENERATOR? Artificial intelligence text to speech (also called as text to speech or tts) is a technology used for generating human speech from text. Synthesys Text To Speech is one of famous A.I. text to speech products in market, it can convert your text into high quality talking audio and natural sounding synthetic voices. Based on advanced neural network and deep learning technologies, with more than 50+ languages support, Synthesys 

Synthesys Software Review-min

Synthesys Software Review

Text To Speech will be your helpful assistant whenever you need a real human’s sound that can add realism and interest when reading out any text whether it be over computer systems, mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. You can also use Synthesys Text To Speech in various situations such as reporting news ,commercials or other promotional content, story-telling etc. Moreover, all outputs are just perfect! Many thanks goes out to our developers who have spent several months working day and night so that they could create such an amazing product


Synthesys offers a wide range of synthesis options, from text-to-speech functionality to an AI Voice Generator to a multi-lingual news reader. The company also plans to offer free voices as an added bonus for its users over time. I have tried many TTS applications in recent years, and I’m happy to report that Synthesys is among my favorite choices. If you are interested in adding text-to-speech functionality or something more advanced like an artificial intelligence system, there are a few more considerations to make before you decide on which application will work best for your needs. In order to help you with those decisions, I put together a list of questions that might be worth considering before making your purchase:

Curiosity sold me on SYNTHESYS; they even offered me a great deal! It comes with no steep learning curve!


Synthesys is a text to speech converter program. It can change your text into audio files. The output quality of Synthesys is very high, and it uses Text To Speech engine (TTS) to synthesize your text, so it can create natural human-like sound from your texts. You can choose from 15 different voices for male or female (15 languages supported) for both speaking and listening mode. Some people may think that TTS cannot read complex sentences with syntax errors or mistakes, but using Synthesys you will never face such issues because of its advanced technology. Moreover, if there are any punctuation marks in a sentence, they will be preserved as well because of its advanced artificial intelligence system that provides real-time language translation services.


The AI Voice Generator is a tool that I was introduced to when I started using synthesys software. The sounds it produces are some of the best among any other sound generators in our day and age. You can just hit a button and you will have your professional voice-over ready to be used in commercials, presentations, films or just any other projects that require a professional quality audio for whatever purpose it may serve.


I do agree that it is a modern and revolutionary product. Like I have said, there is no limit to what you can design. Nowadays, we are more conscious about our privacy and confidentiality of our sensitive data. This app has made everything very much user-friendly and easy to access from anywhere around the world. Apart from being used as an AI-enabled system for recording audio files, you can even use it for other various purposes like photo manipulation, file conversion or creating PDFs etc. If you really want to give your productivity a boost then try out SYNTHESYS today! For better understanding let's take look at some basic features of its Ai voice generator.


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