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SEO for BeginnersSEO  for Beginners

SEO  for Beginners tutorial for beginners hello and welcome I’m going to quickly teach you what search engine optimization is all about so that you can create most profitable online business for yourself and also envision greater outcomes utilizing you now when we think of SEO Tutorial for Beginners  first thing we need to start to understand is our potential both consumers and the keywords they will be using when they are searching Google for the products and services on your website now let’s say if I was to target SEO tutorials for beginners by doing proper keyword research it may be more intelligent for me to then target perhaps this keyword SEO tutorials for beginners 2014 because when I do is not simply I will be able to arrange SEO tutorials for beginners as a keyword but I can also rank SEO tutorials for beginners 2017 I can also rank SEO  for Beginners  by itself meaning there are always better ways for you too target keywords and that’s exactly what I’ve done I established a video tutorial for you so that you can memorize have to target keyword properly next place for your SEO   for Beginners learn would be for you to create Google Webmaster Tools account it is very important if you’re running an online business and have a website obviously then you need to generate this account because it will allow you to add your locate easily so Google is aware of it also you can add a locate map XML site map if you don’t just knowing that that is don’t worry because there are many on-line tool which promptly allow you to create locate maps all you have to do is place your URL and then press the button and it’ll generate it for you I genuinely like this particular URL but there are many online sitemap generators now having Google Webmaster Tools account has allowed us to to see how Google assures your website okay in also functionality as to propose HTML betterments or see if any lapses are happening on your website hence “its only” intelligent for you to create this account if you’re beginning to learn search engine optimization now let’s go back to learning committee and let’s look at a couple of things let’s see this light-green carton as your entire website if that’s the case obviously you gonna webpages different ones you gonna you will have files products and service and so on images and so on if that’s the occurrence for you to really induce your Google ranking easy-going what you need to be feeling about is structuring your entire website in logical order have your most important web pages at root of your website also a place your images in different folders intelligently place your PDF files or other files in different folders and let’s imagine that you know where running an online business and we’re selling computer portions for lesson okay taking that as an example then having my most important web pages will be close to my root domain root folder but then having folders intelligently and logically as to what if I create a folder call it laptop or laptops and then what if I identify another folder call it CPU’s within the laptop folder what if I have Asus laptops or Asus or Acer and call those keywords as my page call right and then in the CPU folder what if I have AMD dot HTML or AMD dot PHP and so on and have another web page and call it Intel dot PHP and so on as you can see structuring your entire website logical order only helps Google to understand your entire web sites Theme okay you’re not limited to having only one folder structure you can go deeper and have different folder arrangements and that will depend on the online business that you’re in at the end of the day generating your entire website having naming the structure properly will only allow you too easily rank your keywords now the next place for your keyword grading SEO on page optimization now there is a lot of information as far as search engine optimization is concerned but I will tell you SEO is easy whether you’re a rookie or whether you’re in advanced online marketer so to speak the fundamentals of SEO do not change having your web pages with the keywords that you’re targeting are crucial because Google looks at things like that I’m not gonna told me to you ohh having page epithets with keywords is more relevant than your image epithets or your navigation structure everything are working together hence once you define the key words that you want to rank generate your web pages with those keywords in name itself second part of your own page investigation engine optimization is your web page name you wouldn’t buy a volume with no name or call or sections in it right so therefore when “youre thinking about” names have your keywords in your names but exploit your names in such lane that when people investigation Google and Google shows your web page details in the first page when people investigation then if you exploit your names people should be noted that right but if you communicate within your name what happens is you will increase your click-through rate when you do even though you are on the third stance only because you have utilized your name properly Google will automatically in very short time move you up from the third position to first stance because you’re getting more click-throughs okay so click throughs is part of SEO as well okay so have your keywords in your name also be communicated for higher click-through rates and having Google Webmaster Tools account actually shows you how they were and see your web pages in Google search result so hearing how to play around with Google Webmaster Tools account and all the options only helps your own you rankings your meta description is only visible to search engines hence have your keywords within it all while explaining what your entire webpages is all about surely this is an example and you gonna be targeting different keywords but once again fundamental principles of SEO do not change further to this end having your on page SEO  for Beginners elements in place will only increase your own higher-rankings right so having navigation structure were critical is not simply for Google higher-rankings but also user suffer people come to your website to find an answer to their questions if that’s the case what you wanna do is you wanna making such a sought for finding answers easy and having clear navigation structure whether its on top on the left hand side or right hand side sidebar and so on having it clearly visible only helps your own Google rankings privilege so utilize navigation with having connections that mention your keywords within it surely don’t go berserk or overboard you know if you have a contact us page name it as contact us dot PHP and so on but utilizing menu structure in a smart lane will only help your own higher-rankings okay and other part of on-page SEO is manager tags manager tags was of great importance is not simply for Google because it sends a strong signal to Google as to allowing Google to understand what your web page is all about but also when people come to your website the first eyeful were critical so thefore if you can utilize lead in the first eyeful while having your keywords within your lead tags and also transmitting effectively so that you maintain your potential customers attention only helps your grading right because at the end of the day you want to delivering people to your website your web pages but then you want people to read through your offer your message and manager tags help you do that and also help your higher-rankings so hence utilize that and have your keywords within it while transmitting your potential customers craves and requirement so that they can then is now going read your web facsimile within your web facsimile you need to include your keywords when you do so you have to make sure that your web photocopy is like sharp-witted and transmits effectively one on one with your potential customers hence when you do your keyword research you you get to understand your potential customers right so then when you generate your web photocopy induce your keywords flow within your web photocopy and do so intelligently okay calling your images and optimizing your images alt attributes and so on is easy I have video tutorial that explains how to do that but once again it is very important for your own page search engine optimization hence utilize images as well present your web pages in such lane that people spend time abiding on your web pages okay so web copy-writing intends include your keywords within your photocopy and do so intelligently meaning you don’t only have to you know if you’re targeting let’s say this keyword SEO tutorials for beginners 2017 what you can do is find related words in this lesson search engine optimization is another word for it SEO   for Beginners so hence I exploit that instead of articulating acquiring SEO  for Beginners  tutorials online and then when the SEO field is like so on okays so what I’m trying to say to you is choose keywords but also mention pertained words because is not simply Google will rank the keywords that you’re targeting you will also be able to rank pertained words as well okay in this lesson I have lessons as you can see here that is closely related to tutorials therefore if I was to create a webpage along these lines then my web photocopy doesn’t sound vague because I prevent recurring the keywords so basically include your keywords within your photocopy but do so intelligent intelligently without breaking your web communication each web page on your entire website should still be unique and optimized individually regardless of how many different web pages products and services you’re offering and so on okay another part is internal associate structure internal associate structure intends how you internally relate your web pages together okay whether it is through your navigation structure relating to other pages whether it is connections through your internal connections they need to be done intelligently especially with the keywords that you’re targeting to relate your webpages intelligently but at the end of the day present your web photocopy smart in such lane that you deliver people and let them expend your web photocopy and then press on your call actions and then they do to your other pages and

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products or checkout browse cart and so on and then they fulfill your called action so you interlink your entire website intelligently because actually helps your SEO as well as user suffer coupled with higher conversion rates because conversion rates is part of SEO for Beginners so is again SEO tutorials for beginners as you have seen this video conference it is very easy to search engine optimize your website I’d like to thank you very much for your inspect if you enjoyed this video tutorial conference and detected it useful please give me a like and also don’t forget to subscribe because I have many video tutorials for webmasters looks just like you and me I acknowledge your visit and I’d like to talk to you next video tutorial conference and happy higher-rankings SEO  for Beginners you  need get on google now  

SEO  for Beginners

SEO  for Beginners



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