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make money with youtube videos

Make Money with youtube videos

Make money with youtube videos ! Your probally wondering how to make money on youtube? Well i am here to tell you how! You probably think that it is so easy making money on youtube because all you have to do is make a video and upload it and there you go you have some cash in your hand! Well you are wrong! Making money on youtube isn’t that easy, so let me show you how to make money easier by using youtube.

make money with youtube videos

make money with youtube videos

The first way is to have ads. Having ads rank up your youtube channel. And if your youtube channel is ranked more money for you! Ads make you money not the likes or subscribers. If you want to learn how to make views on your channel go to my recent article!

Another way to Make Money with youtube videos is to have ads. Ads come from views. For example if you have 1000 views, your most likely to have ads on your youtube channel. Ads make money. If Google sees if you have a lot of views they start giving you ads. And if Google sees that you have ads there most likely going to start sending checks! But hold on a second you don’t get money that fast! In order to get money your aidence need to have click on the ads. That’s what really makes the money!

Another way to Make Money with youtube videos is to start selling merchandice . They will start buying merch and the money will some how combine with the youtube check and from the money from the merch. If you don’t have merch you can just sell products on amazon. This is called Amazon Affiliate Commissions. This will do the exact same thing.

Another way to Make Money with youtube videos is to consentaly make youtube videos. This will cause more views. It does not matter if it takes a year to make people watch your videos. Remember more views means more ads and more ads mean more money.

Another way to Make Money with youtube videos is to start affiliate marketing with JVZOO this is a great company to start on with. Google will see that you are making money on affiliate marketing and it will send youtube saying you are making money. And you are going to get more views. More views equals as and ads equals money!

Also if you constantaly make youtube videos you get more views. Google will see that you have views and they will send you a check!

Hopefully you enjoyed this article! These were just simple ways to how to Make Money with youtube videos. Let me tell you I use these tips my self and I’m just as successful! I hope you try these your self because they are really really going to help you a lot ! These work with all channels so don’t be afraid of tryng


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