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How Make money with Aliexpress Affiliate in 2024

Want to make money online in 2024? Joining the AliExpress Affiliate Program could be a great way to earn commission by promoting products without needing to handle inventory or shipping. This article will explain everything you need to know to get started.

How Make money with Aliexpress Affiliate
How Make money with Aliexpress Affiliate

Key Points to Remember:

  • Join AliExpress affiliate program for free
  • Find popular AliExpress products to promote
  • Create affiliate links to earn commission from sales
  • Drive targeted website traffic & social media followers
  • Write compelling content & buyer’s guides
  • Time promotions around major shopping seasons
  • Focus on maximizing conversion rates
  • Affiliate commissions can reach $10K+ per month

What is the AliExpress Affiliate Program?

The AliExpress Affiliate Program is an affiliate marketing program that allows you to earn commission ranging from 3% to 12% by promoting products from AliExpress on your website or social media. AliExpress offers an in-house affiliate program so you don’t need to go through affiliate networks like CJ Affiliate or Amazon Associates to join.

When someone makes a purchase on AliExpress after clicking your affiliate link, you will receive your commission. It’s a great way to monetize traffic to your website or social media without needing to have your own ecommerce store.

Why Promote AliExpress Products?

There are a few key reasons why promoting AliExpress products can be lucrative:

  • Huge range of products – AliExpress has over 100 million products from categories like electronics, home & garden, toys, clothing and more. You’re bound to find products your audience will like.
  • Affordable pricing – Products on AliExpress are generally very affordable and cheaper than domestic online stores. This makes them appealing.
  • Free shipping – Most AliExpress products come with free global shipping. This provides good value to customers.
  • High commissions – The AliExpress affiliate program pays up to 12% commission which is very generous. Amazon for example only pays 4-10%.

Overall, you get a large product selection at great value while earning high commissions.

How Much Money Can You Make?

How much you earn depends on your website traffic and conversion rates. Commission rates range from:

  • 3-8% for electronics and phones.
  • 8-12% for home & garden and sports items.

Top affiliates are earning over $10,000 per month. While results vary, AliExpress presents a big opportunity. Their affiliate program is still relatively untapped compared to Amazon.

Step 1: How to Join the AliExpress Affiliate Program

Joining is easy and completely free. Just go to AliExpress Affiliate Program website and click join. Fill out the application with your website and payment details.

You don’t need an existing website to join but having a website or YouTube channel will help drive targeted visitors to generate sales and commission.

Once approved, you will get access to your AliExpress affiliate account within 1-2 business days.

Search the AliExpress website for hot-selling products in niches you want to target. Use the sorting filters by number of orders received.

Oberlo is another site where you can find trending AliExpress product ideas. It shows the most popular items being imported by dropshippers.

Focus on promotions for affiliate products that offer good value and will appeal to your audience. Appeal to customer pain points and desires for convenience.

Within the AliExpress affiliate portal, browse to products you want to promote and select “get links”. This will generate your special affiliate link with your ID embedded.

When sharing product links on your site, social media or YouTube, make sure to use your affiliate link instead of the standard AliExpress product URL. This ensures you get credited for sales.

Use link shorteners like to create cleaner tracking URLs if needed.

Step 4: Choose Promotion Methods to Drive Conversions

Getting lots of traffic is important but you also need targeted visitors interested in buying products. Here are proven ways to promote AliExpress and convert visitors into buyers:

Write Product Reviews

Create detailed, honest product reviews showcasing AliExpress items to educate potential buyers. Include pros and cons, product images, demos and recommendations. Don’t just focus on new products either. Established items are still good to review.

Make sure to include your affiliate links so visitors can easily find and purchase reviewed products on AliExpress for your commission.

Create Comparison Articles

Compare the prices and features of popular products like phone cases, makeup brushes etc. Showcase equivalent or better quality AliExpress alternatives compared to branded versions sold on Amazon and big box websites.

Convince visitors they can get the same great products from AliExpress for much cheaper. And again, use affiliate links.

Share on Social Media

Share product images, videos and promotions on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Write engaging captions that grab attention and convince followers to buy.

Add affiliate links to your bio so they are always accessible. Or you can use link stickers/swipes up in Instagram and TikTok posts to direct traffic.

Email Marketing

If you have an email list, send broadcasts showcasing hot new AliExpress product arrivals with your thoughts and recommendations.

“Buyer’s guides” for categories like home items, tech gadgets and toys also work very well. Include multiple product recommendations across different price points and needs.

No matter which promotion methods you use, the key is creating compelling content focused on driving conversions by showing visitors why they should buy certain items from AliExpress using your affiliate links.

Tips to Boost Your AliExpress Affiliate Sales

Here are some additional tips to help maximize conversions and affiliate commissions:

  • Promote products that offer free shipping. This provides additional motivation to buy.
  • Time promotions around major shopping holidays like Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas. Leverage increased buyer demand.
  • Create limited-time discounts by bundling products or using AliExpress coupons to incentivize quicker purchases.
  • Market to worldwide audiences. Remind visitors AliExpress ships globally so language shouldn’t be a barrier.
  • Follow up with email/retargeting ads to previous visitors who didn’t initially purchase.

Final Takeaways: Make money with Aliexpress Affiliate

In summary, the AliExpress Affiliate Program provides an excellent business model to earn commission in 2024 without needing to buy or hold any inventory.

You can leverage AliExpress’ massive product catalog and free shipping to create compelling promotions. Combined with targeted traffic and conversions to your website or social media, big affiliate earnings are possible.

Their competitive commission rates also mean you earn more from each sale compared to the likes of Amazon.

Just focus on delivering value to potential customers, solving their problems and showing why purchasing certain AliExpress products using your links is worthwhile.

So if you want to get started in affiliate marketing or boost your current earnings, the AliExpress Affiliate Program is definitely worth joining!