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14 Simple Ways to Make Money with a Drone

Drones have become increasingly popular and offer plenty of opportunities to make money. Whether you’re an experienced drone pilot or just starting, there are various ways you can leverage your drone to generate income. Let’s explore 14 simple ways to make money with a drone.

Make Money with a Drone
Make Money with a Drone

Key Takeaways:

  • Starting a drone photography business can be a lucrative venture, catering to real estate agents, events, weddings, and more.
  • You can sell your drone photos and videos online through platforms that specialize in stock photography and videos.
  • Offering drone services to real estate agents can help them showcase properties from unique aerial perspectives.
  • Drone deliveries and inspections are niche markets with great potential for growth and profitability.
  • Drone mapping and surveying services provide valuable aerial data for various industries, such as land surveying and construction planning.

Start a Drone Photography Business

One of the most popular ways to make money with a drone is by starting a drone photography business. Drones allow for stunning aerial photography and videography, which is in high demand for real estate agents, events, weddings, and more. As a drone photographer, I can offer my services to capture unique and captivating shots that would otherwise be difficult to obtain. This can be a lucrative business venture with the right marketing and client base.

With my expertise in drone photography, I can provide high-quality aerial images and videos that meet the specific needs of my clients. I can showcase properties from unique perspectives, capturing breathtaking landscapes, and providing detailed visual content. Real estate agents, event organizers, and couples getting married are always looking for professional photographers who can provide them with exceptional aerial shots.

In order to establish a successful drone photography business, I will need to invest in the right equipment, such as a high-quality drone with a camera capable of capturing high-resolution images and videos. Additionally, I will need to obtain any necessary certifications or licenses required by local authorities to operate a drone commercially. This will ensure that I am operating within the legal framework and can provide my clients with peace of mind.

Starting a drone photography business requires more than just owning a drone. It requires creativity, technical skills, and a keen eye for capturing stunning images. By leveraging the power of aerial photography, I can offer my clients a unique perspective and help them stand out from the competition.

Table: Drone Photography Business Startup Costs

High-quality drone with camera$1,000 – $10,000
Drone accessories (extra batteries, memory cards, etc.)$200 – $500
Business registration and licenses$100 – $500
Insurance$500 – $1,000 per year
Marketing materials (business cards, website, etc.)$500 – $1,000

Starting a drone photography business can require a significant upfront investment, but with the right skills, equipment, and marketing strategies, it can be a profitable venture. By offering unique and captivating aerial photography services, I can attract clients who are willing to pay a premium for high-quality visual content.

In conclusion, starting a drone photography business is an exciting opportunity to turn my passion for drones and photography into a profitable venture. With the growing demand for aerial imagery, there is ample potential to build a successful and lucrative business. By investing in the right equipment, obtaining the necessary certifications, and showcasing my skills and creativity, I can establish myself as a trusted drone photographer in the industry.

drone photography

Sell Drone Photos and Videos Online

If you have a passion for drone photography, you can turn your stunning aerial shots into a source of income by selling them online. There are numerous websites and marketplaces dedicated to selling stock photography and videos, and the demand for aerial shots is constantly growing. By uploading your drone photos and videos to these platforms, you can earn a passive income every time someone purchases your content.

Why is there such a high demand for drone photos and videos? Well, aerial footage offers a unique perspective that can be captivating and visually appealing. It allows for a different view of landscapes, architecture, and events, creating a sense of awe and wonder. This is why many individuals, businesses, and media outlets are willing to pay for high-quality drone footage. Whether it’s for commercial use, advertising campaigns, or creative projects, your drone photos and videos can find a market online.

When selling your drone photos and videos, it’s essential to showcase your best work and highlight its uniqueness. Make sure to include relevant keywords and descriptions to increase the discoverability of your content. Additionally, consider offering different licensing options to cater to various buyer needs. This could include options for commercial use, exclusive rights, or editorial use.

Sell Drone Photos and Videos Online

Table: Top Websites for Selling Drone Photos and Videos

WebsiteCommission RateSpecial Features
Shutterstock15-40%Large customer base, global reach
Getty Images20-45%High-quality standards, premium pricing
Adobe Stock20-60%Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud
Alamy50%Fair trade, contributor-friendly
Pond550-60%Wide range of content types, flexible pricing

“Selling my drone photos and videos online has been a game-changer for me. It allows me to monetize my passion for drone photography and reach a global audience. Plus, it’s a great feeling to know that my work is being appreciated and used by others.” – Anonymous drone photographer

Remember, selling your drone photos and videos online requires not only high-quality content but also effective marketing strategies. Promote your work on social media platforms, create a portfolio website to showcase your best pieces, and engage with your audience to build a loyal following. Over time, with persistence and dedication, you can establish a successful online business selling your drone photography.

Provide Drone Services for Real Estate Agents

When it comes to showcasing properties, real estate agents are always looking for unique ways to grab the attention of potential buyers. This is where drone services can come in handy. As a drone pilot, I offer my expertise to real estate agents, providing them with stunning aerial footage and photography that highlights the best features of a property.

Using my drone, I can capture breathtaking shots of landscapes, showcase the surrounding areas, and provide a detailed view of the property from above. This aerial perspective gives potential buyers a better understanding of the layout, size, and overall appeal of the property. It allows them to visualize themselves living in the space, making it more likely for them to consider purchasing.

Real estate agents value the services of a drone pilot because it sets their listings apart from the competition. With the increasing popularity of drones, aerial photography and videography have become a game-changer in the industry. By offering my drone services, I help real estate agents attract more buyers and sell properties faster.

Benefits of Drone Services for Real Estate Agents

  • Unique and captivating aerial shots that grab the attention of potential buyers
  • Provides a comprehensive view of the property, showcasing its best features
  • Sets listings apart from the competition and attracts more buyers
  • Helps sell properties faster, resulting in higher commissions for real estate agents
  • Enhances the overall marketing strategy of real estate agents by incorporating modern technology

As the demand for real estate photography continues to grow, offering drone services to real estate agents can be a lucrative venture. By providing stunning aerial footage and photography, I help real estate agents stand out in a crowded market and ensure their listings get the attention they deserve.

real estate drone photography

Drone Deliveries and Inspections

Drone technology has opened up new possibilities for efficient and cost-effective deliveries and inspections across various industries. As drones continue to evolve, their capabilities in this area are becoming more advanced and reliable. Companies can now utilize drones to deliver packages, conduct inspections in remote or hazardous locations, and gather valuable data from a bird’s-eye view.

drone deliveries and inspections

Drone Deliveries

Drones are revolutionizing the logistics industry by offering a faster, more flexible, and environmentally friendly way to deliver goods. They can navigate through traffic and bypass obstacles, making them ideal for delivering small parcels to urban areas. Additionally, drones have the potential to reach remote locations that are challenging to access by traditional means. This opens up opportunities for delivering medical supplies, disaster relief aid, and other time-sensitive packages to areas that are otherwise difficult to reach.

Not only are drone deliveries efficient, but they also have the potential to reduce costs for businesses. With fewer resources required for traditional transportation methods, companies can streamline their operations and pass on the savings to their customers. However, it is important to navigate the regulatory landscape surrounding drone deliveries to ensure compliance with local laws and safety guidelines.

Drone Inspections

In industries such as infrastructure, utilities, and agriculture, inspections are crucial for identifying issues, monitoring assets, and ensuring safety. Drones offer a safer and more efficient alternative to traditional inspection methods, as they can access hard-to-reach areas without putting humans at risk.

With advanced imaging technologies, drones can capture high-resolution images and videos of infrastructure, pipelines, power lines, and more. These visuals provide valuable data for analysis and decision-making. Drones equipped with thermal sensors can even detect heat signatures, enabling the identification of potential issues such as leaks or damaged equipment.

By utilizing drones for inspections, companies can save time and money while improving the accuracy and effectiveness of their processes. Drones can cover larger areas in less time compared to manual inspections, allowing companies to identify and address potential problems promptly.

In Summary

Drone deliveries and inspections are transforming industries by offering efficient and innovative solutions. From delivering packages to remote areas to conducting inspections in hazardous environments, drones are revolutionizing traditional processes. By embracing this technology, businesses can enhance their operations, improve customer satisfaction, and stay ahead in a competitive market. As drone technology continues to advance, we can expect further advancements and a wider range of applications in the future.

Drone Mapping and Surveying

Drone mapping and surveying have transformed the way businesses gather aerial data for various purposes such as land surveying, construction planning, and environmental assessments. With the ability to capture high-resolution images and videos from above, drones provide quick and accurate insights that were once challenging to obtain. As a drone mapping and surveying service provider, I offer professional and reliable solutions to help businesses make informed decisions based on comprehensive aerial data.

Using state-of-the-art drones equipped with advanced imaging technology, I can capture stunning aerial photography and videography for mapping and surveying purposes. By leveraging the precision and efficiency of drones, I ensure that the collected data is accurate, detailed, and easily accessible for analysis.

Whether it’s creating detailed topographic maps, 3D models, or orthomosaic images, I specialize in delivering high-quality outputs that meet the unique requirements of each project. My expertise in drone mapping and surveying allows me to assist businesses and organizations in optimizing their operations, reducing costs, and improving overall efficiency.

By incorporating cutting-edge software and techniques, I can process and analyze the collected aerial data to generate valuable insights and actionable information. From identifying land boundaries and contours to monitoring construction progress and conducting environmental impact assessments, drone mapping and surveying offer a wide range of possibilities for businesses across various industries.

drone mapping

Data Analysis and Visualization

In addition to capturing aerial data, I provide comprehensive data analysis and visualization services. Utilizing advanced software, I can process large datasets and transform them into visually engaging and informative outputs, including heat maps, contour lines, and 3D models. This allows businesses to gain a deeper understanding of their assets, identify patterns and trends, and make data-driven decisions.

“Drone mapping and surveying enable businesses to access detailed aerial data that was once costly and time-consuming to obtain. By leveraging the power of drones, businesses can save time, money, and resources while gaining valuable insights to enhance their operations.”
– Drone Mapping Expert

With the combination of cutting-edge drone technology, expertise in mapping and surveying, and advanced data analysis capabilities, I offer a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to leverage the power of aerial data. Whether it’s for land development, infrastructure planning, or environmental management, drone mapping and surveying present endless possibilities for businesses to maximize their potential and stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape.

Become a Professional Drone Pilot

If you’re passionate about drones and have a knack for piloting, becoming a professional drone pilot can be a rewarding career choice. As a professional drone pilot, you’ll have the opportunity to work on exciting projects and earn a consistent income. Whether it’s capturing stunning aerial footage for films, conducting inspections in hard-to-reach areas, or assisting in search and rescue missions, the demand for skilled drone operators is on the rise.

Being a professional drone pilot requires more than just flying skills. It’s essential to understand drone regulations, safety protocols, and best practices. Additionally, honing your photography and videography skills can set you apart from the competition. By staying up-to-date with the latest drone technology and industry trends, you can offer high-quality services that meet the needs of various clients.

One of the advantages of being a professional drone pilot is the versatility it offers. You can choose to specialize in a specific industry, such as real estate, cinematography, or inspections, or diversify your expertise and work on multiple projects. The key is to build a strong portfolio showcasing your skills and experience, which can help attract clients and open doors to new opportunities.

professional drone pilot

Table: Skills and Qualifications for a Professional Drone Pilot

Proficient drone flying skillsFAA Part 107 certification (or equivalent)
Knowledge of drone regulations and airspace restrictionsExperience with different types of drones and camera equipment
Strong problem-solving and decision-making abilitiesEffective communication skills
Photography and videography skillsExperience in the industry you want to specialize in (e.g., real estate, cinematography, inspections)
Attention to detail and ability to work under pressureContinuous learning mindset to stay updated with industry trends and technology advancements

In conclusion, becoming a professional drone pilot can provide you with a fulfilling and profitable career. By honing your skills, gaining the necessary qualifications, and staying ahead of industry trends, you can position yourself as a trusted and sought-after drone operator. Embrace the endless possibilities that come with being a professional drone pilot and take your passion for drones to new heights.

Offer Drone Training and Education

If you have extensive knowledge and experience in flying drones, you can offer drone training and education services. Many drone enthusiasts are eager to learn the intricacies of piloting a drone, understanding regulations, and mastering advanced techniques. As an experienced drone pilot, you can provide comprehensive training programs and courses to cater to this growing market.

Drone training can cover a range of topics, including basic flight maneuvers, safety protocols, and legal requirements. By offering structured training sessions, you can ensure that aspiring drone pilots gain the necessary skills and knowledge to operate drones safely and effectively. Whether it’s in-person training or online courses, you can provide flexible options to accommodate different learning preferences.

Additionally, you can offer specialized training in specific industries or applications. For example, you can provide training on drone photography and videography techniques for aspiring aerial photographers. You can also offer advanced training for professionals who want to use drones for inspections, surveying, or mapping.

By establishing yourself as a reputable drone training provider, you can attract a wide range of clients, including hobbyists, entrepreneurs, and even businesses looking to train their employees. With the increasing popularity of drones, the demand for quality training and education services will continue to grow.

Benefits of Drone Training and Education

Offering drone training and education services not only benefits your clients but also presents several advantages for your business. Here are some key benefits:

  • Helps drone enthusiasts and aspiring pilots acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to fly drones safely and legally.
  • Creates a potential revenue stream by charging fees for training sessions and courses.
  • Establishes your expertise and credibility in the drone industry, attracting more clients and opportunities.
  • Allows you to stay updated with the latest developments and regulations in the drone industry, enhancing your own skills and knowledge.
  • Opens doors for potential partnerships with drone manufacturers, software developers, and other industry players.

Whether you choose to offer small-group workshops, one-on-one training, or online courses, the demand for drone training and education services is on the rise. With a well-structured and comprehensive training program, you can position yourself as a trusted source of knowledge and guidance for drone enthusiasts and professionals alike.

drone training

Participate in Drone Racing

If you’re a drone enthusiast with exceptional piloting skills, participating in drone racing events can be an exciting way to make money. Drone racing has gained immense popularity over the years, attracting individuals who are passionate about pushing the limits of drone technology and showcasing their flying abilities. By joining local and national drone racing competitions, you can not only earn money through prize winnings but also attract sponsors and endorsements if you excel in the sport.

Drone racing events provide a thrilling and competitive atmosphere where pilots navigate their drones through challenging courses at high speeds. These races often take place in designated areas, including closed circuits or custom-built tracks that test the agility and precision of the pilots. The adrenaline rush of participating in drone races, coupled with the potential for financial rewards, makes it an attractive option for skilled drone pilots.

As a drone racer, you can demonstrate your expertise and showcase your drone’s capabilities in front of a passionate audience. The competitive nature of these events fosters a sense of camaraderie among fellow pilots, creating opportunities for networking and collaboration with like-minded individuals in the drone racing community.

Benefits of Participating in Drone Racing

  • Opportunity to earn money through prize winnings
  • Potential for attracting sponsors and endorsements
  • Networking and collaboration with fellow drone enthusiasts
  • Thrilling and competitive atmosphere

Drone racing is a sport that requires dedication, practice, and continuous improvement to stay ahead of the competition. By honing your piloting skills and investing in high-performance drones, you can increase your chances of success in drone racing events. So, if you’re passionate about drones and want to turn your hobby into a money-making venture, consider participating in local and national drone racing competitions.

drone racing

RaceLocationDatePrize Pool
Drone Grand PrixNew York CityMay 15, 2022$10,000
Regional Drone Racing ChampionshipLos AngelesJune 5, 2022$5,000
Drone Masters CupChicagoJuly 10, 2022$8,000

Offer Drone Inspection Services

Drone technology has revolutionized the way inspections are conducted in various industries. By offering drone inspection services, you can provide businesses and organizations with a cost-effective and efficient solution for assessing their assets and gathering valuable visual data. Whether it’s inspecting infrastructure, utilities, or agricultural fields, drones can navigate hard-to-reach areas and capture high-resolution aerial footage, enabling you to identify issues and make informed decisions.

Drone inspections offer several advantages over traditional methods. They eliminate the need for manual inspections, which can be time-consuming and costly. Drones can cover large areas in a fraction of the time, ensuring faster turnaround times and minimizing disruptions to operations. Additionally, the aerial perspective provided by drones allows for comprehensive assessments, giving clients a detailed understanding of the condition of their assets.

Offering drone inspection services requires expertise in piloting drones and analyzing the captured footage. You need to be able to identify abnormalities or potential areas of concern and provide accurate and actionable reports to your clients. It’s essential to stay updated on regulations and safety guidelines to ensure the responsible and legal operation of your drone inspection business.

To market your drone inspection services, you can reach out to industries that commonly require inspections, such as construction, energy, and agriculture. Highlight the advantages of using drones for inspections, emphasizing the efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness of the service. Create a professional website and portfolio showcasing your expertise and examples of previous inspections. Consider offering package deals or discounts for first-time clients to attract new business. You can also network with professionals in related industries and attend industry conferences and trade shows to expand your reach and build valuable connections.

IndustryDrone Inspection Application
ConstructionInspecting building facades, roofs, and hard-to-reach areas
EnergyInspecting power lines, wind turbines, and solar panels
AgricultureMonitoring crop health, irrigation systems, and livestock


Offering drone inspection services can be a lucrative opportunity in the growing drone industry. By leveraging the capabilities of drones, you can provide businesses and organizations with efficient and comprehensive inspections that save them time and money. Market your services effectively, stay updated on regulations, and continuously improve your skills to build a successful and profitable drone inspection business.

drone inspection

Explore Creative Ways to Make Money with Your Drone

While the traditional ways of making money with a drone are certainly lucrative, there are also numerous creative opportunities to explore. These unconventional avenues can not only diversify your income but also allow you to showcase your drone skills in unique and exciting ways. Here are some creative ways to make money with your drone:

1. Drone Accessories

Besides flying your drone, you can tap into the growing market of drone accessories. From customizable skins and decals to propeller guards and camera lenses, drone enthusiasts are always looking for ways to enhance their flying experience. By designing and selling high-quality accessories, you can cater to this demand and turn your passion for drones into a profitable business.

2. Drone Technology Innovations

If you have a knack for innovation, consider developing new uses for drone technology. Whether it’s designing specialized drone applications for specific industries or inventing groundbreaking features, there is immense potential for creative minds in this field. By staying at the forefront of drone technology, you can attract investors, collaborators, or even develop your own startup in the drone industry.

3. Drone Art and Photography

Unleash your creativity by using your drone as a tool for artistic expression. Experiment with unique angles, compositions, and perspectives to capture stunning aerial shots that evoke emotion and intrigue. By showcasing your drone art and photography online or exhibiting your work at local galleries and events, you can attract clients and sell your prints to art enthusiasts who appreciate the beauty of aerial imagery.

With the rise of drone technology, the possibilities for making money are only limited by your imagination. Whether you choose to specialize in drone accessories, push the boundaries of drone technology, or express your creativity through drone art, the key is to identify your strengths and find a niche that sets you apart from the competition. By leveraging your drone skills in these unconventional ways, you can turn your passion into profit and carve out a unique path in the exciting world of drones.

creative ways to make money with your drone


What are some ways to make money with a drone?

There are numerous ways to make money with a drone, including starting a drone photography business, selling drone photos and videos online, providing drone services for real estate agents, offering drone deliveries and inspections, and more.

How can I start a drone photography business?

To start a drone photography business, you’ll need to invest in a quality drone and camera equipment, obtain the necessary permits and licenses, develop a portfolio showcasing your work, and market your services to potential clients such as real estate agents, event planners, and wedding coordinators.

Where can I sell my drone photos and videos online?

There are many websites and marketplaces where you can sell your drone photos and videos, such as Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and iStock. These platforms allow you to upload your content and earn a passive income through sales.

How can I provide drone services for real estate agents?

To provide drone services for real estate agents, you can offer your aerial photography and videography skills to capture stunning shots of properties from unique perspectives. This can help real estate agents showcase their listings and attract potential buyers.

How can I offer drone delivery and inspection services?

To offer drone delivery and inspection services, you’ll need to specialize in industries such as logistics, agriculture, construction, and more. By utilizing drones for deliveries or conducting inspections, you can cater to businesses that require quick and efficient data collection or transport.

What is drone mapping and surveying?

Drone mapping and surveying involves using drones to gather quick and accurate aerial data for various purposes, such as land surveying, construction planning, and environmental assessments. This service can be valuable to businesses and organizations in need of detailed and up-to-date visual information.

How can I become a professional drone pilot?

To become a professional drone pilot, you’ll need to acquire the necessary certifications and licenses, gain experience in operating drones for different purposes, and build a portfolio showcasing your skills. You can then offer your services to industries that require professional drone operators, such as cinematography, media production, inspections, and surveillance.

Can I offer drone training and education services?

Yes, if you have extensive knowledge and experience in flying drones, you can offer drone training and education services. Many drone enthusiasts are eager to learn how to pilot a drone, understand regulations, and master advanced techniques. By providing comprehensive training programs and courses, you can cater to this growing market.

How can I participate in drone racing?

To participate in drone racing, you’ll need to develop skills in maneuvering and racing drones. You can then join local and national drone racing events where you can compete for prize winnings. Additionally, if you excel in the sport, you may attract sponsors and endorsements.

What is drone inspection and how can I offer this service?

Drone inspection involves using drones to conduct inspections in industries such as infrastructure, utilities, and agriculture. By offering drone inspection services, you can help businesses and organizations assess their assets, detect issues, and gather valuable visual data. This can be a specialized niche that offers high-demand, high-paying opportunities.

What are some creative ways to make money with a drone?

In addition to the traditional ways mentioned, you can explore opportunities in advertising, cinematography, event coverage, wildlife monitoring, drone repairs, and even drone art. Additionally, you can create and sell drone accessories or develop innovative uses for drone technology.

How can I turn my passion for drones into profit?

Drones offer endless possibilities for making money and turning your passion into profit. Whether you choose to start a drone photography business, provide services to various industries, or explore creative avenues, the drone market continues to grow, providing ample opportunities for drone enthusiasts and professionals alike. With the right skills, marketing strategies, and dedication, you can build a successful and profitable drone business.


Drones offer endless possibilities for making money and turning your passion into profit. Whether you choose to start a drone photography business, provide services to various industries, or explore creative avenues, the drone market continues to grow, providing ample opportunities for drone enthusiasts and professionals alike.

With the right skills, marketing strategies, and dedication, you can build a successful and profitable drone business. As a drone entrepreneur, it’s important to stay updated with the latest trends and regulations in the industry. Continuously improve your piloting skills and invest in high-quality equipment to ensure exceptional results for your clients.

Furthermore, don’t underestimate the power of networking and building strong relationships with potential clients and industry professionals. By showcasing your expertise and professionalism, you can attract new clients and secure repeat business. Remember to market your services effectively through online platforms, social media, and word-of-mouth referrals.

As the demand for drone services continues to rise, staying competitive in the market is crucial. Keep exploring new opportunities and niches within the drone industry. Stay versatile and open-minded to adapt to changing market needs. By combining your passion for drones with a strategic business approach, you can turn your drone venture into a thriving and lucrative enterprise.