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LetsMail Review and LetsMail Bonuses

LetsMail review ? 

The Reason Why You Should Switch to LetsMail

Every company definitely needs a marketing division. Every employee in the marketing professionals must understand and use special software called an autoresponder. Not all autoresponder software has a good effect on sales and some just end up as spam, so target marketers don't read the email.

If you are a marketing person, you need to use LetsMail and understand about LetsMail review which is suitable for various aspects. LetsMail can help marketing reduce the cost of sending an email. This software is included in the trusted software category.


 What is LetsMail

LetsMail is an application or special software for email marketing that allows users to send email from their own server. This software allows its users to abandon traditional email methods, such as Aweber. Another advantage of this software is that it is able to connect with your local server and hosting company.

This allows its users to manage all email complaints. There are tons of autoresponder software out there, such as Mailchimp and Aweber. However, Mailchimp cannot be used as email marketing. Meanwhile, Aweber requires users to carefully monitor their entire email campaigns so they are not considered spammers.

LetsMail Review

Using untrusted autoresponder and email marketing software can lead to high bounce rates. In the end, the account can be considered a spammer and get blocked. A marketer must be able to manage the Unsubscriber rate to a minimum, so as not to get blocked from a platform used.

Using LetsMail allows you to create email marketing without having to worry about account blocks, complaints, unsubscriptions, or other bad effects on your email marketing account. This has led to a lot of marketing switching platforms to LetsMail.

Those of you who are hearing LetsMail for the first time will be very curious and want to make sure this software is not a scam. The owner of the platform is Mike from Maine (Mike Thomas) and first released LetsMail on August 15, 2020. It's true that this software is still relatively new, but you can trust the performance it can provide.

You can really trust LetsMail to act as autoresponders. Whatever type of field you enter, if you are a marketing person, then this software is a must-have. You are not required to pay for this software at a high price. This software has many advantages that are offered to all marketers.

You don't need to worry about monthly recurring costs. This is very helpful in reducing costs as a marketer who does email marketing. Using LetsMail allows you to upload an unlimited number of leads. Anyway, this software can be used by anyone easily thanks to its friendly appearance even for laymen.

Easy to use LetsMail  ?

 There have been tons of marketers who have switched platforms to LetsMail to secure their email marketing accounts from account termination. Every new user of the software feels the ease of use of the platform provided. LetsMail can be used easily by installing it on a domain or host where you can store all your marketing emails.

 Make sure you have your own domain and host before you start using LetsMail. Once you have those two things, then you can immediately install the software and upload a few list emails for 



your campaign. The rest you just need to send out the entire email, so you can make sales based on the email sent.This software can track statistics on the emails you send. Using the existing system in LetsMail allows you to get higher open rates and click rates than some other similar software. Using this software allows you to earn around $ 200 per day based on the open rate and click rate, even if you only send a few marketing emails.This software can connect people via emails, thereby increasing your sales page through the high rate of opening emails. You do not need to have the experience to use LetsMail. It's easy to install and adjust a few settings before you start using it.Completing all the preparations for using LetsMail should only take a few minutes. You must have started to be interested in using the LetsMail software, so you need to continue reading the next information.

Features LetsMail

What you need to know about the next LetsMail are its features. Some of the features of this Mass Mailing Solution are:

1. Unlimited email marketing so that you can send email until 1 Lac every day

2. Cloud-based software

3. Low rate of getting spam complaints so that you don’t have to worry about unsubscribing rate

4. Low of bounce rate

5. Extensive reporting of open rate, secure delivery of rejected messages, database management, client type wise, location-wise, product wise, charts, figures, and easy to import the database.

6. User-friendly interface so that it is easy for beginners to understand how to use and manage email marketing.


7. Get the lifetime membership with affordable cost

8. Marketing accounts are safe from termination and suspension

Very many not a feature that LetsMail offers to its users. Most marketers will usually switch sides to LetsMail after understanding all of these features.

Things I love ​LetsMail 

If you are looking for email marketing software that offers lots of tantalizing features, then the answer is LetsMail. This software is included in the category of legit software and you will be able to use it as an autoresponder that is anti-spam complaints and anti account termination. Using LetsMail can provide a great opportunity for you to successfully campaign in selling a product.

The process of using this software is also very easy and the initial process, such as installing and setting, only takes a few minutes. When you've finished making some customization settings, then you can jump right into using it to send a huge list of emails. You will immediately get a report on how many people have opened the email you sent.

You can also get reports about how many clicks have entered the sales page because you are interested in the email you provide. No longer have to worry about experiencing email rejects or email bounces, because everything will be sent well. Using LetsMail can really boost your sales figures. Even growing a personal business will be easier with LetsMail.


MY Final words and LetsMail review 





LetsMail is a new software that allows marketers to freely send the email. Don't have to worry about account termination again and you will be able to use the autoresponders feature which is free of spam complaints.

All marketers who have read this LetsMail review will use this software. They have become addicted to increasing sales of products and services. In fact, this software has more features than MailChimp and Aweber.


F/E : LetsMail ($37-$47) 
Self hosted full featured Autoresponder system. Gives people full control over their emailing without any restrictions while getting the the best delivery.
OTO 1: Pro Upgrade ($67-$97) 
Remove LetMail branding from email footer, send up to 200X faster, resend to unopens
OTO 2: Agency Access ($147) 
Sell the LetsMail software with everything provided.
OTO 3: Live Coaching + List building software ($67)

 Bonuses ?

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