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 How To Run a House Clearance Business in the USA in 2024

Setting up your own house clearance company can be an extremely lucrative business opportunity in 2024. With an aging population and increasing movement between homes, the demand for reputable and affordable house clearance services continues to grow. This blog post covers everything you need to know to successfully start your own profitable house clearance company in the USA.

How To Run a House Clearance Business
How To Run a House Clearance Business

What Exactly is House Clearance?

House clearance refers to the complete emptying of a residential or commercial property so that it is totally empty and ready for its next purpose. This includes removing all rubbish, furniture, belongings, and waste. Professional house clearance companies dispose of the contents legally, ethically, efficiently and leave the property immaculate.

Why is House Clearance in Demand?

There are several key reasons why reliable and efficient house clearance services are so in-demand:

  • Inheritance properties – Many homes need clearing after the previous owner passes away and the property goes to a beneficiary. This can be emotionally and practically difficult for grieving families.
  • Downsizing – Older people often downsize to smaller retirement properties and need to reduce a lifetime’s worth of possessions quickly.
  • Relocation – Job changes or a new stage of life means properties need clearing efficiently before new owners move in.
  • Rental turnover – Landlords rely on fast and thorough clearance between tenancies to reduce void periods.
  • Probate sales – Executors of wills depend on property clearance to prepare homes for sale.
  • Evictions – When tenants leave unexpectedly, the property needs to be cleared fully before new lets.
  • Bereavement – Sadly people sometimes pass away alone and the house needs sensitive clearance.
  • Waste removal – Builders, developers and homeowners often have materials and junk to be taken away.

In all of these situations, professional house clearance services deliver practical, legal and ethical solutions.

What is Involved in Professional House Clearance?
What is Involved in Professional House Clearance?

What is Involved in Professional House Clearance?

To understand the house clearance process, we will break it down step-by-step:

  • The client contacts house clearance companies for free quotes
  • The clearance company visits the property for an assessment
  • The client chooses the best value clearance company
  • A quote is provided listing all services included
  • A date is agreed for the clearance work
  • The team enter the property and remove all contents
  • The house is left immaculate – clean, tidy and empty
  • The client receives a completion certificate

Reputable companies are fully insured, licensed and handle the legal disposal of all waste. Top providers leave the property spotless afterwards.

How Much Does House Clearance Cost?

Costs for full house clearance services typically range from $2000-$15000 depending on the property size and amount of contents. Items for potential resale can reduce costs. Quotes are usually free but it’s worth asking questions upfront about exactly what is/isn’t included before comparing providers.

What Questions Should I Ask Clearance Companies?

  • Are you licensed to legally carry and dispose of waste?
  • Do you have public and employer liability insurance?
  • Will you clear absolutely everything from the property?
  • Will you leave the house immaculately clean afterwards?
  • Can I get a written quote listing all services?
  • How long will the clearance process take?
  • Can I get a completion certificate?

Do I Need a Waste Carriers License?

Yes, you need to register as a licensed waste carrier with the Environmental Protection Agency to transport and dispose of rubbish legally. This involves forms, a small fee and compliance with regulations. Professional standards and repeating business depend on doing this properly.

What Vans, Equipment, and People Do I Need?

What Vans, Equipment and People Do I Need
What Vans, Equipment and People Do I Need

Here is a checklist of must-have assets when starting a clearance company:

Vans & Equipment

  • Enclosed trucks for secure waste transport
  • Trolleys, slings, lifts and rails for removals
  • Shovels, brushes, buckets, mops for cleaning
  • Boxes, packaging materials and tape
  • Warning signs, barriers, PPE clothing
  • Power tools – drills, saws, crowbars etc


  • Physically fit workers for heavy lifting
  • Careful sorters to separate rubbish/recycling
  • Friendly customer service oriented manager
  • Decent cleaners to handle house cleaning
  • Experienced driver with clean license

As your business expands, you may need separate teams specializing in removals, sorting, cleaning, collections and management.

Where Can I Dispose of Collected Rubbish and Waste?

You’ll need to develop relationships with ethical outlets for different waste streams including:

  • General municipal landfills and transfer stations
  • Scrap metal merchants and sellers
  • Charity donation centres grateful for furniture/clothes
  • Antiques and collectibles experts for valuables
  • Auction houses, eBay and independents for small valuables

Building a strong network of responsible waste disposal partners is vital for efficient house clearances.

How Much Money Can a House Clearance Business Make?

  • Startup costs are estimated around $50,000+ for vehicles, equipment, licenses and insurance
  • Typical revenue per job is $2000-$15000 depending on property size
  • Successful companies perform 2-5 clearances weekly
  • Yearly turnover can quickly exceed $500k+
  • Profits vary but 50% margins are common
  • Franchise opportunities allow rapid scaling

With persistence and organization, six-figure incomes are achievable within a few years of starting your clearance company.

Finding Your Speciality Niche

Beyond standard house clearances, consider specializing in:

  • Probate clearances
  • Hoarder and cleaner clearances
  • Downsizing services for seniors
  • Bereavement and trauma cleanups
  • Building site waste removal

Specialist ability allows you to charge premium rates in higher demand niche markets.

How to Make Your House Clearance Business Successful

Follow this advice when establishing operations:

  • Gain required licenses for legal compliance
  • Use professional vehicles, equipment and signage
  • Develop networks of responsible waste disposal outlets
  • Build a trained workforce with background checks
  • Earn trust quickly through insured services
  • Provide free quotes, fixed prices and completion certificates
  • Exceed expectations by leaving properties immaculate
  • Go above and beyond with understanding and empathy
  • Ask clients to review and recommend your services

We hope this guide gives you all the house clearance information you need to start a profitable clearance company in the USA in 2024. With dedication and planning, your enterprise can provide in-demand services while achieving financial freedom. Let us know if you have any other questions!