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How To Make Money On YouTube FAST!

How To Make Money On YouTube FAST!


How To Make Money On YouTube FAST!

How To Make Money On YouTube FAST!

How To Make Money On YouTube FAST en”:”If there’s one thing you can’t get enough of in this world, it’s happiness. Happiness – it’s the key to life… well, that and money! Because money can BUY you happiness… What? That’s not how the saying goes? [intro music plays] Whatup YouTube? It’s BMAC! So chances are if you’re watching this video, you’ve already started your own YouTube channel and things are probably going pretty well, but recently you’ve looked into your wallet and realized: “Sh*t, I am so broke…” That’s OK, man! I feel your pain! A lot more than I wish I did… But lucky for us, if you’re an active YouTuber creating consistent, high-quality content for an engaged YouTube audience, YouTube is a phenomenal way to make money doing what you love – IF you do it the right way! That’s why when it comes to making money on YouTube, here’s my biggest and probably most important tip: This actually took me a little while to realize, but in order to make a sustainable amount of income from YouTube itself, it’s probably to going to be from one revenue stream in particular.

It’s going to be the combination of several different revenue streams coming together. I mean, hey, I used to think, “Word, man! Yeah it’s going to be dope! I’m going to make a bunch of like high-quality YouTube videos and then like I’m just going to turn on Google AdSense, dude! I’ll be filthy rich!” Nope. Not even close. YouTube income is not that simple my friends no matter how badly I wished it was. But, because nothing is impossible if you just learn to think outside the box, I thought I would break down a few of my favorite money-making YouTube tips in this highly-requested video, “How To Make Money On YouTube: The BMACadelic Way!” Let’s tackle the largest elephant in the room first… Google Adsense! You should know by now that becoming part of the YouTube Partner Program and Google AdSense will allow you to monetize your videos.

Meaning you can put ads in and beside your actual YouTube videos, generating a little bit of ad revenue. Now monetizing your videos through the Google AdSense and Partner Program and making a little bit of extra cash from those advertisements placed on those videos sounds simple enough, which it is, but it’s certainly not going to make you a top-earning YouTube star overnight. Although I can’t tell you exactly how much I make from the YouTube Partner Program, it’s part of the whole agreement when you sign up – you can’t say, it’s probably a fair estimate that it’s going to take around a million very per month to coming close to covering what a typical rent payment would be. So what’s another way to generate some YouTube revenue to add to the AdSense revenue? BOOM! Merchandise! Now once you’ve started to build a loyal YouTube audience, your fans are probably going to want to represent you in a more pronounced way – hence your merch swag.

The ill street rep, baby! You can make your own t-shirts and sell them online through your own way, or you can use a third-party merchandise selling store where they’ll take care of all the t-shirt making and selling for you and you’ll get a few bucks off of each t-shirt that you sell. More information on those third-party merchandise selling stores will be in the video description box below. Whatever you do, do not forget to promote your merchandise in your videos in front of your audience. I mean that’s the best way to get them to know what kind of swag you’re offering! *clears throat* I got here the Official BMACadelic T-Shirt straight from The BMACadelic Swag Shop – The OFFICIAL BMACadelic Swag Shop – NOW OPEN! Check it out! That is fresh! We’ve got BMACadelic T-Shirts, we’ve got BMACadelic Phone Cases, we’ve even got BMACadelic Coffee Mugs! If you’re a fan of the BMACadelic channel or you’re a proud member of the #BMACpack and you want to represent your boy BMAC on the day to day, check out The Official BMACadelic Swag Shop, now open, link to The Swag Shop in the video description box below.

How To Make Money On YouTube FAST!

How To Make Money On YouTube FAST! So maybe you make a few hundred dollars off AdSense and you make a few hundred dollars off merch sales, but maybe that’s not enough to cover rent AND the cable bill – what do you do? Here’s my third official BMACadelic money-making YouTube secret: Brand Deals. Brand deals have absoblutely exploded – “absolutely…” OK. Brand deals have absolutely exploded on YouTube ever since brand started to recognize the power that these YouTube creators and influences have on reaching highly-engaged target audiences. How To Make Money On YouTube FAST

As a creator, you are highly valuable to brands that want to get their products in front of your audience’s eyes. That makes you so valuable, in fact, that brands are willing to pay you to do so. It’s obviously worth mentioning here, though, that you shouldn’t accept any brand deals that don’t really fit into your channel niche that you’ve worked so hard to create. For instance, if I’m up here talking about video games and all of a sudden I just stand up and start talking about a bronzer that I used this morning – not that I ever use bronzers or anything…

How To Make Money On YouTube FAST!

Either way, it’s not really going to make much sense when I’m talking about a bronzer and I have video games as the topic of my video. That, my friends is called selling out. We don’ – *bottle crash* we don’t do that. Probably the number one site right now that can hook you up with brand deals with brands that actually fit in to your channel – FameBit. They’re dope. Once you get 1,000 subscribers you can sign up at FameBit.com and basically what they do is they match you up with brands that are looking for brand deals – you can send proposals, you can make a few bucks…

If you guys are interested in signing up or finding out more about FameBit or other brand deal marketing sites, I’ll leave al ink to all of that information in the video description box below! Brand deals, merch sales, AdSense revenue, what else? Enter: Affiliate Marketing! Now Affiliate Marketing isn’t as well known on YouTube, but if you’re already talking about products and brands without being directly sponsored by them, this might be the answer you’ve been looking for. Are you a beauty guru talking about your morning routine and the products that you use to make your face look so pretty? Are you a tech review channel reviewing the hottest tech products of the season? With affiliate marketing anytime you upload a video and you’re talking about a particular product you can put an affiliate link in the video description box where it links those people, those viewers, to the particular product you’re talking about. How To Make Money On YouTube FAST

It’s basically like a referral link so that when someone actually buys the product you’re talking about you get like up to a 10% commission kickback on that sale. Now this doesn’t sound like a whole lot, but if you’re talking about a lot of products and you’re not directly sponsored by any brands, you probably want a little piece of the revenue pie that you’re helping these brands get from the products you’re talking about. Amazon has this, Apple has this, I mean the list goes on and on. Definitely something you want to check out. But what if brand deals and affiliate marketing isn’t really your thing? Totally OK, you always have the option of generating your own funds through my fifth YouTube money-making secret: Crowdfunding and Donations! Crowdfunding resources like YouTube’s own “FanFunding” feature and other crowdfunding platforms like Patreon.com allow your most highly-supporting YouTube fans to support you with voluntary money donations. YouTube’s “FanFunding” feature allows subscribers on your channel to make a one-time donation right on your channel page. All they have to do is smash that “Support” love button right next to your channel and you’ll get a few bucks, buy a coffee – as creator, that’s what you live for! But if you, as a creator, want to step it up a notch, you can offer exclusive rewards that can only be unlocked to ongoing supporters who support your channel through other sites like we mentioned before, Patreon.com.

Create a Patreon page today and start offering incentives for those people who want to support and give back to your channel. Take for example, once again, the #BMACpack that we have here on BMACadelic. If you’re a diehard member of the #BMACpack or if you want to become a member of the #BMACpack, you can head over to the Official BMACadelic Patreon page to see all of the unlock-able rewards available to you! So we learned about crowdfunding and donations, we learned about affiliate marketing and brand deals, we even learned about merchandise sales and ad revenue.

Is there really anything else that can be done? The last tip I have on expanding your content’s reach, growing your channel, and maximizing your revenue streams on YouTube is: Creating Your Own Website. Now we all know that YouTube is the number two search engine in the world but that means Google is still king at number one. So if you’ve seen my other YouTube videos on how to get more subscribers and actual YouTube video ideas and tips, you know that SEO is extremely important when it comes to YouTube. I’ll put a link to both of those videos in the video description box below as well but, in the meantime, let’s talk about website-making. How To Make Money On YouTube FAST

If you’re making good, high-quality videos and you’re putting highly-searched keywords in the title, description, and the tags of your YouTube videos, well then good, you’re covered for YouTube, but you can take this up a notch by doing the same thing on a blog post on your own website so that Google can even pick it up as well. Maybe you want to “blog” in addition to “vlogging.” Maybe you want to expand on what your video’s about in text form. Maybe you just want to create an online community where all your subscribers on your channel can interact in one place. The answer to all three of those, my friend, would be creating a website. Nowadays there are so many easy website-making tools available to us that you can make a website in ten minutes and be up and running – seriously! For yet another example, we have a very special website set up for the #BMACpack here on the YouTube channel, BMACadelic, with the website: BMACadelic.com – check it out, really unique name, right? Bet you never even saw that coming! BMACadelic.com is kind of like my home hub, alright? I got all my blog posts on there, I have all my video posts on there, I have a link to my merchandise store, it’s probably a good idea to make one of your own so that you can get it all cohesive on one site! BMACadelic.com – check it out, you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

How To Make Money On YouTube   FASTHow To Make Money On YouTube FAST!How To Make Money On YouTube FAST!How To How To Make Money On YouTube FAST! How To Make Money On YouTube FAST! How To Make Money On YouTube FAST! Make Money On YouTube FAST!                           v How To Make Money On YouTube FAST!     How To Make Money On YouTube FAST!   How To Make Money On YouTube FAST!    How To Make Money On YouTube FAST!

WHOO! I know this was a lot to take in and it sounds like a lot of work, but if making YouTube videos is what you love to do, you might as well make the most of it and if you can make a few bucks here and there by doing what you love to do, why not? If you’re a loyal member of the #BMACpack and a subscriber here to the channel, BMACadelic, and you want to show your support, you can do so, by any of the ways I just mentioned in this video – a link to all of those will be in the video description box below! I really hope this video was helpful in giving you guys a few more ideas on how to make money on YouTube outside of AdSense! If it was helpful, don’t forget to smash that “like”button, comment down below your ways on how to make money on YouTube if it’s being successful for you or if something’s not working, let us know! Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe for new funny videos like this one each and every Friday and I’ll see you guys next week.

How To Make Money On YouTube FAST!

How To Make Money On YouTube FAST

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