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How to make money bowling in 2023 : Insights from Pro Bowlers and Bowling Leagues

The bowling industry is a unique and thriving sector that offers various opportunities for individuals to make money. Whether you are a bowling enthusiast or someone looking for a profitable business venture, there are multiple ways to capitalize on this popular recreational sport. In this article, we will explore the different avenues through which you can make money in the bowling industry, hearing insights from pro bowlers and discovering the earning potential in bowling leagues.

Understanding the Bowling Industry


What is Bowling?

Bowling is a sport or recreational activity where players roll a heavy ball down a lane to knock over pins. The objective is to score points by knocking down as many pins as possible in each frame. It is a game that requires both skill and strategy, making it an enjoyable and competitive activity for people of all ages.

How to make money bowling
How to make money bowling

Types of Bowling

Bowling comes in various forms, catering to different skill levels and preferences. Traditional bowling is the most common type, played on a wooden or synthetic lane with ten pins. However, there are other variations such as candlepin bowling, duckpin bowling, and five-pin bowling, each with its own unique rules and equipment.

How to Make Money Bowling


Joining a Bowling League

One of the most popular ways to make money in bowling is by joining a bowling league. Bowling leagues are organized groups of individuals who come together on a regular basis to compete against one another. By participating in leagues, bowlers have the opportunity to win prize money based on their performance and team standings.

Participating in Bowling Tournaments

Bowling tournaments are another avenue to earn money in the industry. These events gather top bowlers from around the world to compete for substantial cash prizes. Tournaments can be local, regional, or even national in scale, providing individuals with the chance to showcase their skills and earn substantial rewards.

Becoming a Professional Bowler

For passionate bowlers who excel in the sport, becoming a professional bowler is an attainable goal. Professional bowlers have the opportunity to compete in prestigious tournaments and earn significant prize money. They often secure sponsorship deals, allowing them to represent certain brands and receive financial support.

Becoming a Bowling Instructor

If you have a deep understanding and love for the game, becoming a bowling instructor can be a rewarding way to make money. Bowling instructors provide guidance and support to individuals of all skill levels, helping them improve their techniques and performance. By offering lessons and coaching services, instructors can earn a steady income.

Starting Your Own Bowling Alley

Entrepreneurs with a passion for the sport can consider starting their own bowling alley. This requires significant investment and planning, but it can be a lucrative business venture. A well-managed bowling alley can generate revenue from lane rentals, food and beverage sales, and hosting events like birthday parties and corporate outings.

Selling Bowling Equipment and Accessories

Another way to make money in the bowling industry is by selling bowling equipment and accessories. This can include bowling balls, shoes, bags, and other gear. Bowlers are always on the lookout for high-quality equipment that can enhance their performance, making it a profitable market to tap into.

Organizing Leagues

If you have organizational skills and a passion for bringing people together, consider organizing and managing bowling leagues. By creating a platform for bowlers to compete and socialize, you can charge entry fees and generate income through sponsorships and partnerships with local businesses.

Starting a Bowling Niche Blog

If you have a knack for writing and a deep knowledge of bowling, starting a bowling niche blog can be a great way to make money. By creating valuable and engaging content, you can attract a loyal audience and monetize your blog through advertising, sponsored posts, and affiliate marketing.

Offering Bowling-Related Services

Aside from instruction, there are other services that can be offered within the bowling industry. For example, you can provide lane maintenance and repair services, organize bowling events and parties, or even offer specialized services like custom ball drilling or ball fitting.

Selling Bowling-Related Products

Additionally, you can create and sell your own line of bowling-related products. This could include merchandise, training guides, instructional videos, or even bowling-themed apparel. With the right marketing and a unique offering, you can tap into the passion of bowlers and generate a steady income.

Creating a Bowling Podcast and YouTube Channel

In the digital age, content creation is a popular way to make money, and the bowling industry is no exception. By starting a bowling podcast or YouTube channel, you can share insights, interviews, and bowling tips with a wide audience. This can lead to sponsorship opportunities and monetization through ads and sponsored content.

Insights from Pro Bowlers


How Do Pro Bowlers Make Money?

Professional bowlers make money through a combination of prize winnings, sponsorships, and endorsements. As they compete in high-level tournaments and consistently perform well, their earnings increase. Successful professional bowlers often secure lucrative sponsorship deals with bowling equipment manufacturers or industry-related brands.

Understanding Professional Bowlers Association (PBA)

The Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) is the leading organization that governs professional bowling tournaments. The PBA provides a platform for bowlers to showcase their skills on a competitive stage and earn money. It is through the PBA that many pro bowlers gain recognition and sponsorship opportunities.

How Much Do Professional Bowlers Make?

The income of professional bowlers can vary greatly depending on their skill level, performance, and sponsorship agreements. While top professional bowlers can earn substantial amounts of money, it is important to note that the majority of professional bowlers supplement their income through other means, such as coaching or running their own bowling businesses.

Exploring Sponsorship Opportunities for Pro Bowlers

Sponsorship is a key source of income for professional bowlers. By aligning with reputable brands, pro bowlers can receive financial support and access to high-quality equipment. Sponsorship not only provides monetary benefits but also increases the visibility and credibility of pro bowlers within the industry.

Alternative Income Streams for Pro Bowlers

In addition to prize money and sponsorships, professional bowlers explore alternative income streams to make ends meet. This can include conducting clinics and exhibitions, participating in pro-am events, writing books or articles, or even endorsing bowling-related products. Diversifying their income sources helps pro bowlers create a stable financial foundation.

Challenges and Future of Pro Bowler Salaries

While professional bowling provides opportunities for income, there are challenges that impact pro bowler salaries. Factors such as declining sponsorships and a decrease in televised bowling events have put pressure on earnings. However, with the rise of digital media, there are new opportunities for pro bowlers to reach and engage with fans, potentially leading to increased revenue streams.


Q: What does a professional bowler in a tournament usually earn?

A: The earnings of professional bowlers can vary greatly. While top players can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars, lower-earning pro bowlers who aren’t as established may make less, often requiring a second job to make a living.

Q: How do PBA bowlers make money besides tournaments?

A: Besides winning in pro bowling tournaments, PBA bowlers may also make money from endorsements and sponsorships. They also earn from selling bowling equipment and appearing on different promotional events.

Q: Can bowlers make money in a bowling league even if they’re not professionals?

A: Yes, non-professional bowlers can make money in a bowling league, mostly from winning local bowling tournaments. The cash prize may not be as huge as in the professional bowling world, but it’s a good way to make money while enjoying the game.

Q: How can one become a professional bowler and compete in PBA tournaments?

A: The journey to becoming a professional bowler usually begins by participating in amateur local leagues and tournaments. Developing and consistently improving your bowling skills is crucial. Once you’re ready, you can apply for a PBA membership and start joining professional tournaments.

Q: Is it necessary to invest in high-quality bowling equipment to perform better in tournaments and games?

A: Having good quality bowling equipment can enhance your performance, but it’s not the only factor. Bowling is a game of skill. While the right equipment can provide a competitive edge, constant practice and developing your skills are equally important.

Q: What is the average salary of a PBA professional bowler?

A: The average salary for PBA professional bowlers varies. High-ranking players can make a lot of money, earning six-figure incomes from tournaments and sponsorships. However, for many bowlers, the earning might be more modest, mostly derived from tournaments, small sponsorships, and selling bowling products.

Q: How can one make a living in the world of professional bowling?

A: Making a living in the professional bowling world can be challenging but possible. Aside from seriously taking part in tournaments, professionals make money through sponsorships, selling personalized bowling equipment, and giving lessons to aspiring bowlers. Also, many pro bowlers have secondary jobs related to their sport, like coaching or running a bowling center.

Q: Is there money to be made from opening a bowling center?

A: Running a bowling center can be a viable business. Aside from income from games, bowling centers can also make money by organizing leagues and tournaments, selling bowling equipment and products, and offering bowling lessons.

Q: What tips and tricks do pro bowlers recommend to improve one’s game?

A: Pro bowlers often suggest consistent practice and learning from experienced players. Understanding the mechanics of the game, fine-tuning your bowling skills, receiving professional training, and studying different bowling game strategies are also advantageous. Using quality bowling equipment tailored to your style can also significantly improve your game.

Q: Do all pro bowlers make a lot of money from this professional sport?

A: Not all pro bowlers make a lot of money. While top performers in the Professional Bowlers’ Association do reap substantial earnings, many players need other sources of income. Some offer coaching services, work at a bowling center, or sell bowling merchandise to supplement their earnings from the sport.


The bowling industry offers a wide range of opportunities for individuals to make money, whether it be through participating in leagues, organizing tournaments, becoming a professional bowler, or providing bowling-related products and services. While the industry presents its challenges, those with a passion for bowling can find success and financial stability. By leveraging insights from pro bowlers and tapping into the growing market, there is ample potential to earn a living and thrive in the world of bowling.