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how to get more views on YouTube

How to get more views on YouTube

Do you want to know how to get more veiws on YouTube ? Well im here to tell you how! First of all you abvious need a Youtube channel. You want to make awsome videos! It really
dosent matter what topic its based on. But just make sure its something useful for people.

how to get more views on YouTube

how to get more views on YouTube

The first way how to get more views is to put links in the discription. For example if you are doing a makeup tutorial put the links of how to get the makeup and where to get
the makeup from. How to do you do this? Its easy go to the website you got the product from and search up the product. Go to the uper right or left corner and click on the
three dotted symble. It will give you the link! Next copy the link and bring it to the Youtube description. Paste the link. This is one  how to get more views on YouTube

Here is another way how to make more views on Youtube videos. It is to do what your adiance tells you to do. Like they tell you to make a cake. Make a cake. This causes them to wait and wait until you upload the video of how to make a cake. As soon as you upload the video there going to watch it as soon as possible. This is one way how to get more views on YouTube

Another way is to share your videos with friends or family. But if you do this make sure to tell them to tell there friends about the video. Its like a chain! You tell one person and that person tells another person. It is a chain! This causes people to watch your videos! This is one way how to get more views on YouTube

Another way is to make sure your thumbnail is attractive. For example if your making a video on how to make a cake you want to make sure your thumbnail has a nice cake on it. This causes people to click on the video because there amused  on the thumbnail and wants to learn how to make that cake. That is one way how to get more views on YouTube

How to get more views on YouTube

How to get more views on YouTube

YouTube is a great way how to make money fast! A lot of people think that’s its the subscribers that make the money. Sorry to break it to you it is a big lie! That is why I came here to tell you how to make more views on YouTube! I hope this article helped you a lot or will help you a lot. These are some great tips of how to make more views on YouTube. Let me tell you these work on all YouTube channels even the channels that are dying!

I use these tips myself and I have a lot of views on my videos.

These will not waste your time at all. And even if it gets complicated its worth it!

Think about it if you have a family that really diserves a vacation this is the perfect way how to get the money! The good thing is you only need a desk top, lap top, or even a mobile device like a phone or tablet!

Any ways I was just here to tell you some of the simple ways how to make more views on YouTube. Hopefully you really liked this article about how to get more views on YouTube. Make sure to try these tips on your YouTube channel . Make sure to have a nice morning, day and night! Thank you for reading this!

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  get more views on YouTube


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