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How Much Money A Babysitter Make In Greenwich 2023


Ever wondered how much a babysitter earns in Greenwich, CT? In this affluent town, the average hourly rate for babysitters is an impressive $16.45. This article aims to break down all there is to know about babysitter salaries here – from hourly rates and annual income, to factors that can affect your earnings.

Let’s dive into some dollar signs!

Key Takeaways

The average hourly rate for babysitters in Greenwich, CT in 2023 ranges from $16.45 to $30. Babysitters in Greenwich can potentially earn an annual income of approximately $34,224 to $62,400. Nannies tend to earn higher salaries than babysitters in Greenwich, with an average annual salary of $44,758. Factors such as experience level and specific duties can influence the salary of a babysitter in Greenwich.


Defining the Role of a Babysitter in Greenwich, CT

A babysitter in Greenwich, CT has some big duties. They take care of kids when the parents are not home. This job is very important. The sitter makes sure the children eat and play at the right times.

Safety for these young ones is also a main task.

Babysitters do light housekeeping too. They may clean up after meals or help to keep kid’s rooms tidy as part of their routine workday schedule. Some sitters might need to drive kids to school or activities as well! Each babysitting job in Greenwich, CT can have different needs based on what each family wants.

Average Babysitter Salary in Greenwich, CT

The average hourly rate for babysitters in Greenwich, CT is $15-$30.

Hourly Rate

Babysitters in Greenwich, CT earn good money. On average, they make $16.45 per hour. Some get less and some get more. The lowest pay is around $15.00 per hour and the highest can reach up to $30.00 an hour.

This makes babysitting a well-paid job in this area.

The same rate applies across the country too! All around the U.S., babysitters also earn about $16.45 per hour on average.

Annual Income

In a year, a babysitter in Greenwich, CT makes about $34,224. This is the average annual income. Still, some earn more or less based on different things. Those who work for people with a lot of money might make more.

For example, if you babysit for someone in finance (the top-paying industry), you could get more than this. A nanny is the highest-paid job in babysitting here. They make around $44,758 each year on average.

Top-Paying Companies for Babysitters in Greenwich

Greenwich, CT hosts a number of companies that top the list for best payers in the babysitting industry. Notably, CARE, Sittercity, Go! Retail Group, Marin Software, and Jordan Company lead the pack, offering competitive wages to babysitters.


Company NameAverage Hourly Rate
Go! Retail Group$22
Marin Software$20
Jordan Company$18


These companies serve as stellar examples of leading employers for babysitters in Greenwich, providing not just high pay but a nurturing environment for their employees.

Comparison of Babysitter Salaries in Nearby Cities

When comparing the average babysitter salaries in Greenwich, CT with nearby cities, it’s clear that Greenwich offers competitive rates. This table provides a detailed comparison:


CityAverage Hourly Rate
Greenwich, CT$16.45
Cortlandt, NY$16.67
Mount Pleasant, NY$17.12


It’s interesting to note that some nearby cities, such as Cortlandt and Mount Pleasant in New York, offer slightly higher hourly rates. However, the average babysitter salary in Greenwich is still higher than the national average, making it an attractive location for babysitters to work.

Babysitter Salary Trends over Time in Greenwich, CT

The babysitter salary in Greenwich, CT has seen a steady increase over the years.


YearAverage Babysitter Salary


This upward trend suggests a growing demand for quality babysitting services in the area. In 2020, the average babysitter salary in Greenwich was reported to be $34,224, slightly higher than previous years. This steady growth highlights the importance and value of babysitting services in the Greenwich community.

Factors Influencing Babysitter Salaries in Greenwich, CT

Several factors can influence babysitter salaries in Greenwich, CT including experience level, the number of children being cared for, and specific duties and responsibilities.

Babysitter Experience Level

The experience level of a babysitter is an important factor that influences their salary in Greenwich, CT. Babysitting positions in this area often require a certain number of years of experience as a nanny.

It is also preferred or required for babysitters to have experience driving with children and supervising them. Some employers may provide training programs and ongoing training sessions to further develop the skills of babysitters.

Overall, having more experience as a babysitter can lead to higher salaries and opportunities for career advancement in Greenwich, CT.

Number of Children

The number of children in a family can affect how much a babysitter earns in Greenwich, CT. Babysitters often receive higher salaries when they care for larger families with more children.

So, if you’re considering becoming a babysitter or hiring one, keep in mind that working with multiple children may lead to a higher salary opportunity.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

Babysitters in Greenwich, CT have specific duties and responsibilities that they need to fulfill. These include creating a safe and nurturing environment for the children they are taking care of.

They need to engage with the children by playing games, reading books, or organizing activities. Babysitters also need to be responsible for preparing meals and snacks for the kids, making sure their nutritional needs are met.

Additionally, driving children to school or extracurricular activities may be part of their responsibilities, so having a valid driver’s license and access to a vehicle is important in some cases.

Experience in driving with children and working as a nanny is often preferred or required for babysitter positions in Greenwich.

Nanny vs. Babysitter: Salary Comparison in Greenwich, CT

In Greenwich, CT, there’s a noticeable difference between nanny salaries and babysitter salaries. Typically, nannies earn a higher wage, given the increased responsibilities and often full-time requirements of the role.


Average SalaryOften less than a Nanny$44,758 per year
Salary RangeDepends on various factors like experience and number of children$30,000 – $75,000 per year
Top-Paying JobsWill differ depending on the particular needs and requirements of the familyLive-in caregiver, personal nanny, nanny/household manager with salaries ranging from $44,169 to $44,439
Average Monthly SalaryUsually less than a Nanny$3,958


While both roles involve childcare duties, a nanny’s job scope often includes additional tasks, such as meal preparation, housekeeping, and assisting with homework, which directly correlates to their higher salary. The specifics, however, can vary significantly depending on the individual family’s needs and the nanny or babysitter’s level of experience and qualifications.

Frequently Asked Questions about Babysitter Salaries in Greenwich, CT

What is the salary range for a babysitter in Greenwich, CT?

What is the salary range for a babysitter in Greenwich, CT?

The salary range for a babysitter in Greenwich, CT is typically between $22,000 and $51,000 per year. The average salary for a babysitter in Greenwich is around $34,224 per year. Entry-level babysitters can expect to earn about $22,000 per year.

It’s important to note that the average babysitter salary in Greenwich is higher than the national average of $16.45 per hour. Depending on the position, some babysitters in Greenwich may earn hourly rates ranging from $25 to $35 per hour.

What is considered a good salary for a babysitter in Greenwich, CT?

A good salary for a babysitter in Greenwich, CT is typically around $34,224 per year or $16.45 per hour. This is the average salary for babysitters in the area, with entry-level positions starting at $22,000 per year.

It’s important to note that the highest paying industry for babysitters in Greenwich is finance, and the highest paying job within the field is being a nanny, which has an average salary of $44,758 per year.

These figures reflect the current market rates and can provide a benchmark for determining what would be considered a good salary for a babysitter in Greenwich.


1. What is the average pay for a babysitter in Greenwich?

The average pay for a babysitter in Greenwich depends on many factors, but usually, it beats the Connecticut average.

2. How do I know if my salary as a nanny in Old Greenwich is appropriate?

Consider the cost of living, and check out salary estimates from reliable sources like Zippia or U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to see if your salary is within the detailed pay ranges.

3. Are there high-paying babysitting jobs near Greenwich?

Yes! Some cities have higher paying jobs than others; you might want to check top 20 highest paying cities list that includes places both far and near Greenwich.

4. Does having more years of experience increase my hourly rate as a babysitter?

Often yes, most companies offer salaries by years of experience where experienced nannies can expect an increase in their per hour rates over time.

5. How does the job market look for nanny jobs in Connecticut?

While it may not be very active all year round but at least 5 jobs related to this category are always found listed adding to opportunities for economic advancement by changing locations within Connecticut area itself .

6. Are there other similar professions that get paid more than being a nanny?

Yes! In fact, looking into various job listings could help identify part of our family or light housekeeping job categories that tend to pay more per year than typical babysitting jobs.


Conclusion : How Much Money A Babysitter Make In Greenwich

In conclusion, babysitters in Greenwich, CT can make an average hourly rate of $16.45, with salaries ranging from $20.58 to $30.52 per hour. The average annual salary for a babysitter in Greenwich is $34,224.

Factors such as experience level and specific duties can influence these salaries. Nanny positions tend to have higher salaries, averaging around $62,400 per year. Overall, the babysitting industry in Greenwich offers opportunities for competitive pay and potential growth over time.