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drive traffic to my web WordPress

How to Drive Traffic to my WordPress Blog

No matter why you are here, today is your lucky day because you will learn almost everything you need to know and how I drive traffic to my web WordPress. Towards the end of this article, I will share some tools on this how to drive traffic to my new website post, which will be of help to you.

Search Engine Optimization To Drive Traffic To My Web WordPress
Using SEO techniques I had learned, I created content that ranks well in Google, which brings a lot of traffic to my WordPress blog. Google is my number one source of traffic; and I will also show you How To Create Backlinks to my Website fast tips which I employ, that led me to my conclusion that SEO is the best way to attract web traffic.

It’s important to actually mention that Search Engine Optimization requires optimizing your content (as well as your entire site) to make it easily visible to be discovered by search engines like Google. That’s all. The goal is to appear in the top ten positions in search engine results pages.

Secondly, SEO is divided into two SEO categories, namely on-page and off-page. The first involves each SEO activity that I run on my own blog, and the very latter entails activities on How To Create Backlinks to my Website fast which must need a third-party internet site, therefore, the phrases on-page and off-page out there.

On how to drive traffic to my new website blog with it, I have to take both sides. That is to say the SEO on-page as well as off-page. But, what should I do technically to drive traffic to my web WordPress with the method?

Search For Keywords To Be Well Positioned And Drive Traffic To Website
Insightful keyword research is the foundation of a good SEO. When users have an urgent problem, they rush to their favorite search engine with the hope of getting a solution. Folks enter words or maybe phrases into the search engines, and if your content is optimized with these terms, you have priority. What I’m saying is that if you’ve done your job really well, Google and other search engines will post your content first, and you’ll gain traffic.

drive traffic to my web WordPress

drive traffic to my web WordPress

drive traffic to my web WordPress


If perhaps you gaze at it critically, you will instantly realize that you need to know the keywords or key phrases people are using. This is where keyword research comes in. As soon as you settle on these very phrases/ keywords, you could add these keywords to your very own content to enhance your own chances of showing first in the search engines.

If I continue to publish optimized content and implement other recommended SEO techniques, I will continue to be well positioned in the rankings, and I will have traffic for several days, months and years following. But how do I approach this animal called keyword research as to drive traffic to my new website? Where do I start? You can start your journey with a tool like Google AdWords Keyword Planner.

Other Tools To Drive Traffic To My WordPress Site
With the main keyword in mind, you can rely on Google AdWords Keyword Planner to determine the search volume and get more keyword ideas. Blog ideas can come to you as well when you do your keyword research, so there is a real reward. You can also find other tools to help you such as Google Webmaster Tool, WordTracker, the Bing Keyword Tool and SEMRush.

You want to Armed with your very own keywords; you are ready to create content which will appear in the search engines out there. The great, perfect keyword density to target is just 2.5%, which mean that if perhaps your own blog entry is around 1000 good words, your keyword should appear about 25 times naturally. Do not go beyond 4.0%, because Google will think you are a spammer.

Also on how to drive traffic to my new website, I make sure that I add my keyword in the title of my page, preferably at the beginning. The keywords in my subtitles also count.

I Add My Keywords In My Urls Too, To Drive Traffic To My Website
I do this so that search engines can find my keywords easily. This’s not actually the very end of work. You want to put some keywords or key phrases in the file names of your images as well as add the ALT feature and even if possible, put the keyword in your ALT too.

Every article or maybe page you publish out there must have titles, tags, and also the meta-descriptions simply because the search engines employ this very information to have your content ranked. Even if you’ve never created an article on WordPress before, adding titles (h1, h2, h3 – h6) should not be a challenge.

On the other hand, adding Meta to titles and descriptions (called metadata) is not so easy. But do not worry; you can easily optimize your articles and pages by using WordPress SEO plugins (or extensions) such as WordPress SEO by Yoast and All In One SEO. These are some ways I drive traffic to my web WordPress

Make sure your blog is visible on search engines by going to Settings -> Reading, and unchecking Ask search engines not to index this site. Or else, every of your SEO effort is going to be in vain.

The Strategy With Internal Links I Employ To Drive Traffic To My Web WordPress
By putting links to your articles, you give your readers the opportunity to find more of your content. If they just read your article and leave, you would save a higher bounce rate, and you lose SEO points, and therefore traffic. You would be right to argue that search engines like internal links.

At the same time, by linking to other articles, you are more likely to discover, read, and share your content. When visitors share your content, you attract more traffic, and if this continues to happen, your traffic continues to grow.

I Write Good Content Regularly To Drive Traffic To My Web WordPress
Regularly write good content on your blog, and you will be loved by search engines as well as by readers. To create good content, you need to make sure it’s at least readable and error free – for the sake of clarity. Badly written and riddled content will send your readers to another place.

A blog that regularly publishes good content seduces search engines, which means that more readers will find your website. At the same time, the regularity of your publications will create a certain loyalty among your readers, which will have a huge impact on your traffic, so review your articles before publishing, and follow your writing schedule.

How To Create Backlinks To My Website Fast Using Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging or having a guest article featured on another blog helps in several ways:
This will help me see more traffic on my Website fast.
This will establish me as an expert.
If you are writing a guest article on blogs in your niche, you will have a wider audience.
You can create professional relationships.
You learn a lot.
You can, why not, have discounts or gifts with your partners, etc.
Make guest articles to bring value, not just to gain backlinks. So many experts have said before when it comes to the article on How To Create Backlinks to my Website fast from a guest blog out there, that the backlink is simply a very great reward for all the work which goes into creating the article.

In your quest on How To Create Backlinks to my Website fast, they are loads of high authority sites out there to do the magic. Or you can hire someone to get it done for you; When done right, the guest blog will earn you traffic for years to come, guaranteed.

How To Create Backlinks to my Website fast

How To Create Backlinks to my Website fast

I Track My Traffic To Drive Traffic To My New Website
Unless you do not have a blog or website, you must necessarily attract readers, even if you only have ten blog posts. Each blog with some suitable content will get some traffic. Considering that you probably have a ton of items (or have planned to publish a ton), you have to attract some traffic.

If you do background checks on this how to drive traffic to my new website post and study the traffic you are attracting, you can identify areas that need reinforcement.

Perhaps a particular type of article has better results than anything else. Maybe, your traffic comes from a certain country, and you are targeting a different location. Possibly you do not use the right keywords. Maybe this, maybe that; you understand. Those are the methods I use to flood my WordPress site with traffic, and everyone out there can employ them.

All the programs ,plugins,software i use on my websites to help me get better on SEO. The

plugins,programs and software will be down below.

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