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 Chatterpal Review And Get my Crazy BONUSES in 2022

Today I have ChatterPal Review is about?

ChatterPal is a brand new technology designed for businesses online to boost leads and sales. It is the combination of cutting-edge Interactive 3D Avatar technology and AI-backed Smart Chat Automation. ChatterPal is not like the other chat apps in the market because you can add ChatterPal to any website even that you do not own.

 Chatterpal Review in 2022

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With ChatterPal, you can create 3D avatars that look and feel real. You can add your own logos and images that automatically adapt to the movements of the avatar. ChatterPal also comes with 100+ life-like voices in 25 languages. The premium new Text-To-Speech engine brings the most realistic text-to-speech experience to your website.

It would also help your company to bring and follow up on customer leads, using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology incorporating many proven digital marketing strategies. Aptly named with a tongue-twisting identity “ChatterPal” would give you firsthand information obtained from prospective customers. It would also have the ability to answer many of the queries customers seek fast and to the point.
This ChatterPal Review would apprise you of what the innovative possibilities are to propel your business to a new dimension of customer interaction.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
The advantages of employing Artificial Intelligence or popularly referred to as AI in the digital marketing platform has been touted frequently but many of you may not have seen or used it. In this ChatterPal Review, we would try to apprise you as to the advantages of using AI and what it would deliver to like results in a business environment. This ChatterPal Review would show you how cutting edge digital marketing technology using an Interactive 3Dimension Avatar employing AI would take your customer interaction to dizzying heights


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In this ChatterPal Review, you would see that the above two technologies intertwined with Smart Chat Automation would deliver results that none other similar chat apps would even come close in performance. ChatterPal has employed Artificial Intelligence to ensure a more humanized and informative interaction, ensuring visitors to your website gather optimum information in the shortest possible time. It is universally accepted that visitors need quick answers to their questions and that is exactly what ChatterPal would deliver, using innovative Interactive 3Dimension Avatar technology at its best.
ChatterPal development
ChatterPal has taken three years to develop by polishing up the ends and ensuring you get the best and most innovative chat app that is available on the digital marketing platform. We would strive to show you the integrated innovations built into this superlative customer interaction app like none other and how it would work for you in this ChatterPal Review.
The unique aspect of Chatterpal is that is for everyone whether you have a website, a blog, funnel, affiliates or if you are trying to woo traffic to other sites. This is possible due to the live-link technology that is used in ChatterPal creating opportunities and applications which are immense and result-oriented.

 Chatterpal Review
Chatterpal Review

ChatterPal is versatile and is compatible with mobile?

devices, iPads, the brand new updates on Google Chrome browsers, hence can be used in any industry where they would want a superlative interactive chat app to update their visitors. To ensure that ChatterPal brings forth the best digital technology, it has created brand new, never used or seen before colorful and innovative 3Dimension Avatar characters. These 3D Avatars have been built by Chatterpal from scratch and would be available only on this platform. These are animated 3D Avatars with human forms and animals as well giving websites an impetus to use ChatterPal which none other chat app would provide.

Chatterpal Bonus
Chatterpal Bonus

Prices & Up-Sells

FE – ChatterPal Commercial ($37)

ChatterPal is a revolutionary new technology designed to boost sales, leads, and results using several industry-leading features and artificial intelligence.

ChatterPal merges our cutting-edge “Interactive 3D Avatar” technology with AI-backed “SMART Chat Automation” to deliver results like no other chat app in the market!

The FE offer includes:

* 40 Interactive 3D Avatars –
Male, Female, and Animals with logo mapping.
* 100+ Premium Text-To-Speech Voices in 25 languages –
Same voice technology that powers Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
+ 10 Ready-Made Chat Templates –
Customize the templates as you like to create your own!
* Fluid Logo Mapping Technology –
Map any logo onto the 3D Avatars, the logos automatically adapt to the movements of the avatar!

* Artificial Intelligence “Chat Automation” Technology –
offer coupons, book appointments, take custom orders, offer customer support, and a whole lot more!

* Smart Analytics –
Get instant feedback and find winning campaigns.

* Live-Link Technology –
Add ChatterPals to websites you don’t own!

* Green Screen Removal –
Upload your own green screen spokespersons
* Attention-Grabbing Emoticons Pack

* Create Unlimited Chat Flows
* Commercial License

 Upsell #1 – ChatterPal Deluxe ($44)

* Unlock 13 additional 3D Avatars Immediately

* One new avatar each month for one year (no monthly or yearly fees)!

* Animated Emoticons Pack

– Advanced Multi-thread Chat Branching

– Unlimited # of chat blocks

– Unlimited Video Hosting

– Professional Voice Overs From HOT Niches

– VIP Support

Upsell #2 – ChatterPal Agency ($67)

– Adjust speed and pitch of text-to-speech (more flexibility)

– 25 Additional chat templates from popular HOT niches

– Zapier Integration

– Remove the “Powered By ChatterPal” Branding

– 25 Green Screen Video (Same niches as the chat templates)

– Increase the avatar speaking limit from 2 mins to 4 mins!

– Fill in the blank client briefs and contracts

– 5 additional licenses for your agency/team

Upsell #3 – ChatterPal Premium Voice Pack ($37)

ChatterPal premium included 53 ULTRA premium text-to-speech voices that are NOT available anywhere else. There are the most life-like voices available on the web right now.

These voices are generally pay-per-use and would cost the customers thousands of dollars to license. But today, they can get access to these ULTRA premium life-like voice packs with a low ONE TIME payment!

No recurring cost, unlimited usage.

 Upsell #4 – ChatterPal International ($29)

This upgrade activates a very powerful and unique feature in the app that AUTO DETECTS where the website visitor is coming from and translates the chat to that language without any human intervention needed!

This is pure artificial intelligence at play. You will be able to maximize your conversions and sales as the chat sell to people in their NATIVE language.

Win a ChatterPal bonus
Reading through you could avail of a fantastic ChatterPal bonus which would be available to all those who would try out the app and see their businesses grow to unprecedented heights. Prior to the launch in the next few days, a bagful of goodies in the form of a ChatterPal bonus would come your way if you are ready. The 3D Avatars could carry logos on their dresses or you could hang a bag in their hand with the logo or for that matter any advertising material. The possibilities when using ChatterPal are immense and if you take it out today, you could be rewarded with a Chatterpal bonus.
Every industry in the world is looking out eagerly with more customers gaining access to the online system with various devices from mobiles to iPads and others. This is bringing pressure to interact with more visitors and turn them into prospective customers and if you avail of this app you could win a great ChatterPal bonus to try out for yourself.
Having Chatterpal you could have customized and specific text, responses, the flow of words, add videos, and images, collect phone numbers, accumulate leads, and email addresses, and gain a load of information and interaction. Offering such a diverse range of possible interactions the customer would tend to linger longer on your site. This would give you that window of opportunity to create interest and end with a positive engagement.
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