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21 Best Things To Collect To Make Money

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Making money is always a priority for most people. If you’re looking for a new way to earn some extra cash, consider collecting and selling items. In this blog post, I am listing 21 of the best things to collect. From vintage cars to action figures, there’s something on this list for everyone. So start collecting and earning money today!

1. Pokemon Cards

Pokemon cards are a popular collectible item among many people of all ages. Originally released in 1996, the cards feature characters from the Japanese anime series Pokemon, and have become a worldwide phenomenon over the past two decades. With new sets being released each year, collecting Pokemon cards is a great way to make money if you know how to go about it

Pokemon Cards

The most important thing for anyone looking to make money with Pokemon cards is researching what types of cards are worth more than others. Some rare editions can be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars, so doing your research is essential. Also keep in mind that condition plays an important role when determining value; older cards that remain in pristine condition can command much higher prices than damaged ones. That’s why it’s important to store your collection safely and properly.

2. CDs and DVDs

CDs and DVDs are popular collectible items that can be great investments for people looking to make money. CDs, which come in many different genres and styles, can be bought for a fraction of the price of what they once cost. They can then be resold, often at a significant markup depending on the rarity or desirability of the item. DVDs have become increasingly popular as people look to purchase movies and television shows from previous decades.

CDs and DVDs

In order to maximize profits when collecting these items, buyers should research market values before making any purchases. Additionally, it is important to note that there are several rare or limited edition CDs and DVDs available that could offer higher resale values than more common versions. With diligence and the right knowledge base, collectors may find themselves with a profitable collection of CDs and DVDs worth much more than their initial investments!

3. Dolls are

Dolls are more than just beloved childhood toy. For many, dolls can become an investment and even a source of income for those who collect them with an eye for the future. Whether you’re into vintage Barbies, classic Cabbage Patch Kids, or modern Mattel creations, there is money to be made in the doll world if you know what to look for and how to go about selling your collection.

For serious collectors looking to make some cash through their hobby, there are several dolls that should be on your radar.

4. Vinyl and old Records

Vinyl records and old records have become popular collectibles in recent years as people search for unique items to invest in. Vinyl and old records often carry a certain nostalgia, giving people the opportunity to connect with past memories while maintaining their value. As such, they are great investments for collectors looking to make money on their investments over time.

When collecting vinyl or old records, it is important to know that condition plays a major factor in determining value. Because these items can be easily damaged, they must be well-preserved if collectors wish them to appreciate in value over time.

5. Knives

Knives are an interesting item to consider when collecting items for the purpose of making money. Not only is it easy to find knives from a variety of sources, but they can also be sold for quite a bit of money depending on their quality and condition. Furthermore, certain types of knives may even increase in value over time due to rare collector’s editions or limited releases.

When looking into collecting knives, it is important to research what types are valuable, where to buy them at a reasonable price, and how to properly store and maintain them in order to keep them in good condition. It’s also wise to look into which markets you can sell your collection as this could determine the success of your venture. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced collector looking for ways on how best to make money with knives, these tips will help guide you on the right path!

6. Cars

Cars are an iconic part of American culture and can also be a great way to make money. With the right investments, collectors can experience the thrill of owning some of the world’s most valuable vehicles while making a return on their investment. Whether you’re an experienced collector looking for new pieces to add or a newcomer just beginning your collection

From vintage sports cars like Porsche 911s and Ferrari Testarossas to rare classic models like Ford Model Ts and Volkswagen Beetles, there is something out there for everyone. Muscle cars have been popular with collectors for years; models such as the Dodge Charger RT or Plymouth Road Runner provide plenty of styles while providing potential appreciation in value over time

7. Baseball Cards

For those looking to make money while having fun, collecting baseball cards can be an ideal hobby. It is both a great investment opportunity and a way to connect with the rich history of the sport. With some knowledge and dedication, collectors can find rare cards that will fetch high prices in the market.

The value of baseball cards is determined by age and condition. Cards from the 19th century are worth more than modern ones due to their scarcity. In addition, cards that are well-preserved tend to sell for higher prices. Collectors should take care not to damage their cards as even small imperfections can significantly reduce their worth.

Baseball card collections come in all shapes and sizes so there’s something out there for every budget level – from entry-level starter sets for beginners or premium vintage collections for serious investors.

8. Video Games

Consider collecting video games. Video game collecting can be a great hobby and even a lucrative side gig. It may surprise you to learn that some of the rarest video games on the market are worth thousands of dollars.

Video game collecting is popular with gamers all over the world, and it’s easy to understand why. From classic console systems like Atari, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Super NES, Sega Genesis, and Sony PlayStation to more recent consoles like Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo Switch, there are countless opportunities to collect vintage gems or modern-day classics. With titles spanning all sorts of genres—from arcade-style shooters to role-playing adventures—there’s something for everyone when it comes to gaming collecting. The best part is that you don t have to spend a fortune to get started. You can purchase a used game for less than $.50 and still have a blast playing it. The first step in starting your collection is to get some information about the games you want, such as their release date, a platform of origin, and any special features they might have.

9. Vintage Handbags and Purses

Vintage handbags and purses are a great way to make money as a collector. Not only are they eye-catching, stylish pieces, but they are also incredibly valuable and can be sold for large amounts of money. Vintage handbags and purses range from classic leather designs to playful, vintage prints. With an ever-expanding market of collectors who appreciate the beauty of these timeless items, it is easy to see why vintage handbags and purses have become so popular.

Finding the right vintage handbag or purse can take some dedication on the part of the collector. Researching various styles, patterns and materials allows you to gain an understanding of which ones will fetch the highest prices when you decide to sell them later on. Knowing where to find these pieces is also important; estate sales, antique shops and online auctions are all great sources for finding unique treasures.

10. Old Motorcycles

Old motorcycles are a great collectible item for those looking to make some extra money. Not only do these vintage bikes have a certain charm and style, but they can also fetch a high price when sold. If you’re interested in collecting old motorcycles, there are some things that you should keep in mind to ensure the best possible return on your investment.

The most important factor is the condition; if the motorcycle has been well maintained and kept in good shape, it will be worth more money than one that has deteriorated over time. You should also look for rare makes and models, as these will often be more valuable than common ones. Finally, research the market value of similar models before investing so you know what to expect when selling your bike. With careful consideration, you can find an old motorcycle that will turn a nice profit for years to come!

There is something about the classic look and sound of a Harley Davidson that is still appealing to many people. Many of these motorcycles were made in the early 20th century, so they are over 100 years old! If you are looking for a new hobby or want to make some money, buying and selling old Harley Davidson motorcycles can be a good option.

11. Soccer cards

Collecting soccer cards is a fun and rewarding way to make extra money. Whether you’re a fan of the game itself, or just enjoy the thrill of collecting rare objects, soccer cards can be an interesting and lucrative hobby. The most valuable cards are generally those produced in limited quantities, such as special edition sets, official autographs, and memorabilia from significant games or tournaments.

When it comes to making money with your collection, research is key. Value can vary greatly depending on condition and rarity—so it’s important to keep up-to-date with what’s currently in demand within the market. Established sites like eBay offer a great way to track card prices over time so you can decide when to buy or sell for maximum profit potential.

12. Old Sterling Silver Flatware Patterns

Sterling silver flatware has been a part of tableware since medieval times, and its beauty and collectability have only increased over time. Collecting old sterling silver flatware patterns is an excellent way to make money, as the value of these items has appreciated significantly over the years. It can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to collecting old sterling silver flatware patterns, so here are some of the best pieces to look out for. From Art Nouveau designs to Victorian beauties, there’s a wealth of options available in both antique dealers and online auction sites.

One particularly popular pattern is Gorham’s Chantilly, which was first produced in 1895 and is still highly sought after today. The intricate detailing on this pattern makes it a classic choice for collectors around the world.

13. Old Oil Paintings

Old oil paintings are one of the best things to collect for money. A well-preserved painting can command a handsome price, especially if it is from a famous artist or has an interesting story behind it. There are several ways to identify and locate valuable old artworks, including searching antique shops and estate sales, attending auctions, or studying the artwork of various artists. For those just starting out in collecting old oil paintings, there are some basic tips that will help them find valuable pieces. Researching popular artists, looking for signed and dated works by those artists, and ensuring that the condition of any painting is intact can all increase the value of a piece before purchase. Furthermore, learning about provenance – history of ownership – can help determine authenticity of a work and its likely worth in the market.

14. Old Watches

Old Watch

Old watches are an excellent item to add to your collection of items that can make you money. Vintage watches come in all shapes, sizes, and styles and depending on the condition, rarity, and age of the watch, they can fetch a good price. Not only do vintage watches have monetary value but they often have sentimental value as well; many people collect old watches based on memories associated with them or the stories that come along with them. Whether it’s a vintage Rolex or a simple timepiece handed down through the generations, collecting old watches can prove profitable in more ways than one.

15. Vintage toys

Vintage toys can be a great source of nostalgia and joy for many adults and kids. Whether it’s a battery-powered robot from the 1950s, a hand-crafted wooden doll from the 1800s, or a collectible action figure from the 1990s, vintage toy enthusiasts love to hunt for old

treasures that bring back fond memories. Not only are these toys unique and intriguing due to their age, but they provide insight into how people used to coped with boredom throughout history. Every vintage toy has its own story to tell; everyone is slightly different depending on its place of origin, its time period in which it was made, and the culture of its users. A mere glance at a vintage toy is enough to capture the imagination; it gives the user an opportunity to look back in time and see how playthings have evolved over time. Vintage toys can also be very collectible as certain models become increasingly rare with age. All in all, collecting vintage toys is an interesting hobby that allows people to appreciate both childhood memories as well as artistic artifacts of past eras.

16. Antiques

For those who appreciate the beauty of vintage items, there is no better hobby than collecting antiques. Whether you decide to focus on furniture from a certain era or classic artwork, antiques offer a certain sense of decadence that simply can’t be found in newer items. For instance, when admiring an antique chair it’s easy to imagine the conversations held between each person who sat in it. On the other hand, modern-designed furniture lacks that same level of historical context and character.

That being said, collecting antiques can also take quite a bit of time and patience, as tracking down rare items may take months or even years. As an avid antique collector myself, I find that hunting for items to add to my collection is not only a rewarding experience but also a fun way to relive history’s most celebrated objects. Moreover, with the proper care and attention given to these pieces over the years their worth increases exponentially making them excellent investments. Ultimately, discovering old treasures and preserving our past are integral parts of why antique collecting remains so popular today. With all this in mind, it’s plain to see why antiques make such great collectors’ items!

17. Comic books

Comic books have always been a source of great entertainment for people of all ages. From Spider-man to Superman, these distinctive stories capture the imaginations of readers all over the world. The vibrant, colorful illustrations serve to both deepen the themes and illustrate their importance more realistically than any words ever could. The dialogues and character development also emphasize how universally relatable the stories are. What’s more, comic books continually evolve over time to keep up with current trends and social issues. By doing so, they prove to be both timeless and timely at once.

Their ability to explore multiple universes filled with countless characters allows them to express writers’ creativity in new and exciting ways. It comes as no surprise that some comic books have been adapted into movies and television series—after all, it’s impossible not to be captivated by their power! From superheroes that take on evil villains to sarcastic cartoons come to life, comics open up a world of possibilities for anyone willing to dive in. With such a deep pool of possibilities covering multiple genres, it’s no wonder why comic books continue to be so popular around the globe!

18. Trading cards

Trading cards have been a treasured part of growing up for many generations. From baseball to superheroes, trading cards were a physical way to keep track of favorite characters and players. For those who collected them, each card held its own stories and memories, as well as the allure of possibly completing an entire set. With colorful artwork and crisp text, it was easy to spend hours admiring every detail on these tiny cardboard rectangles. Today, trading cards are still around in different styles and varieties; however, their digital counterparts now reach far more people than their paper-based counterparts ever could. While the experience of handling physical cards will never be replicated online, collectors can now enjoy their hobby in ways that simply weren’t possible before the internet age. Whether traded or kept close at hand in protective cases, trading cards are undoubtedly a cherished part of childhood memory. Additionally, they’re always an exciting source of conversation as they bring people together over shared interests and nostalgia. With their timeless spirit alive today thanks to numerous trading platforms, it’s easy to see why these lauded cards will remain beloved long into the future.

19. Stamps


From their humble beginnings as small pieces of paper used to pay for goods and services, stamps have evolved into a form of art, collecting, and communication. For some, stamps represent a way to decorate mail with little works of art. From limited editions honoring classic characters to one-of-a-kind designs featuring animals or special events, there are literally thousands of stamps available to add character and personality to any message. For others, stamps serve as miniature reminders of our past and foregrounds in which we live, with images that chronicle many aspects of human life: new inventions, renowned artists and authors, and everyday people in days gone by. Some see collecting as an investment; rarest stamps can be worth large sums due to the craftsmanship required to mint them. For the most part, however, stamp collecting is simply a hobby that fills time pleasantly; an escape into another world with its own set of rules and surprises. With so many options available for both collectors and casual users alike, it’s no wonder that stamps are still an essential part of our cultural infrastructure today.

20. Coins

Coins have been around since ancient times, predating even paper money by thousands of years. It’s hard to overstate the cultural significance of coins; they’ve acted as record keepers, trading tools, symbols of wealth and status—even tokens of luck in some societies. Today, coins are still an important part of global economies and a powerful symbol of financial stability. It’s no wonder that many countries hold on to them for such long periods of time; the design, composition, size and other details of coins can be indicative of a given civilization’s level of sophistication and progress. Collectors from all cultures regard coins with deep respect due to their beauty, detail and symbolism. There is no doubting their place in history or their power as currency; as monetary units which retain both physical value and meaning to humanity throughout the centuries, coins will likely continue to occupy an essential niche in our economy for many years to come.

21. Movie posters

Movie posters are an exciting way to make money as a collector. Not only do they add a touch of nostalgia to any room, but they also have the potential to be highly valuable. Movie poster collecting dates back decades and the earliest known examples are from the 19th century. It’s always fun to hunt for vintage movie posters at antique stores, flea markets, and other places that specialize in collectibles because you never know what rare pieces you might find. star wars

When it comes to collecting items that may eventually prove to be a great investment, we can look no further than Star Wars. The original Star Wars trilogy has held an enduring place in the hearts of fans since its debut in 1977 and continues to influence generations of new fans. As such, items related to the franchise have become highly sought-after collectibles with the potential to increase significantly in value over time. From vintage action figures and Kenner toys from the 1970s and 1980s to limited edition posters, books, and more, here are 20 of the best things you can collect from a galaxy far, far away if you’re looking for a good return on your money.

My Conclusion about Things To Collect To Make Money

Collecting certain items can be an excellent way to make money, but it’s important to know which items are the most profitable. After doing extensive research on 21 of the best things to collect to make money, my final conclusion is that comic books, vintage watches, and coins are some of the most profitable collectibles in terms of long-term earning potential.

Comic books have been steadily increasing in value since they were first introduced in the 1930s. Purchasing high-grade or rare issues can bring in a significant return when resold. Vintage watches are also sought after by collectors for their craftsmanship and design. Watches from luxury brands like Rolex or Omega often fetch high prices due to their prestige and quality construction

Coins too are attractive investments for many collectors who recognize the importance of maintaining mint-condition coins with highly sought-after designs. Finally, artwork originally created by famous painters is an item that can bring great monetary rewards due to its timelessness and unique aesthetic appeal. Investing in any one (or combination) of these collectible items is sure to yield profits in the long run!

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