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Amazon affiliate marketing business

How To Start Amazon Affiliate Marketing Business

The question you have asked often is, how do I start an Amazon affiliate marketing business  We have often referred to affiliate marketing as a way to make money with your website or your blog, in this article I will explain in detail how to do it thanks to the Amazon affiliation. We will base both on the technical aspects, as on the strategic aspects. That is, I will explain how to create your affiliate account, best ways to build Amazon affiliate stores. We will discuss Amazon Affiliate Store WordPress and how to include necessary elements on your website that could generate commissions.

But, How Much Does Amazon Pay?
Amazon pays 5% or 10%, depending on the type of item and the kind of site you employed. I will advise you to make use of Amazon Affiliate Store WordPress since it’s handy in every way. In this How do I start an Amazon affiliate marketing business post, you can see the conditions of Amazon stores. But, in summary, we have to understand:

Amazon Affiliate Store WordPress




Items at 5%: Consumer electronics, home, kitchen, music, computing, software, sports
Items at 10%: Books, Kindle, MP3, AmazonBuyVIP Products
Other items: 8%
Promotional items for members with promotion, normally 10%
These conditions may vary from Amazon.

But for more detail in this How do I start an Amazon affiliate marketing business blog, I recommend that you read the conditions in the List of Commissions for Advertising of the Affiliate Program.

Amazon affiliate marketing business

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How To Create An Amazon Account?
This point in this How do I start an Amazon affiliate marketing business is aimed at those who do not yet have a user account on Amazon. So if you already have one, I recommend you go to the next point.

How To Sign Up For The Amazon Affiliate Program?

You already have an Amazon account, but this account is only used to buy items, it is not enabled so you can enjoy the benefits of the affiliate program at Amazon.

You want to fill in the information that they ask you next.

I encourage you in this How do I start an Amazon affiliate marketing business write up, that when you have finished entering your information, click on Next: Profile of my web page.
Next, fill in the details of your web page.
Accept, and you will have your account created.

Now we are going to define the payment method that we want Amazon to use to make the commission effective in this How do I start an Amazon affiliate marketing business post. To do this, we click on Specify a payment method now. In my case, I will select the option Receive payment by direct deposit.

How To Start Amazon Affiliate Marketing Business
How To Start Amazon Affiliate Marketing Business


You want to really carry out the DIY to complete the required details, and this is so simple to do, after completing this process, Amazon will send you an email. In it, Amazon will confirm that you have been registered in the affiliate program and will inform you that they will inspect your website.

What Elements Can Be Included On Your Website To Capture Commissions?
Once you are registered in the Amazon affiliate marketing program, you must include different elements that help you to obtain income.

Links to products
From now on, when you enter Amazon, you will see that at the top of the screen you have a new bar. Through this bar, you will have easy information on how to generate links from your web page that can start generating income.

Head to Amazon page and look for an article you want to promote and once you are in it, click on Link to this page. A page will open, in which you can choose if you want a Text only or Text and Image link.

That’s it, if someone clicks on links and buys, for instance, the Kindle, you’ll take a commission of 10% (which is what Kindle products currently have).

Important: if the client does not immediately buy the item, but buys it the next day, you will also take the commission. Amazon remembers that you are the origin of the purchase. On the other hand, if in the same session the customer buys more articles, you will receive a commission for every one of them, even if you do not have them linked from your website.

Banners To Amazon
If you click on the link, you will see how you can include Amazon affiliate banners. So it’s necessary to know the best ways to build Amazon affiliate stores, the only way to this is to have the expert build Amazon affiliate stores for you. They understand the affiliate niche site more than some of us that are expert in some other niche.

Select the option you want, in my case; I will choose, all products. And we can look for the banner that interests us (by its dimensions). We copy the text and include it on our blog.

How Can I See How Much Money I Am Generating With The Affiliate Program On Amazon?
Simply enter the Amazon affiliate section and select the option “Online reports” and you will have access to the sales report of your website.
As a curious fact, note that there is a pressure cooker that is generating commissions, this pot has no affiliation link, but when bought in the session, it has generated a commission.

how affiliates make money with Amazon

What Are Best Ways To Build Amazon Affiliate Stores, How Should I Guide My Website To Generate Income?
The best ways to build Amazon affiliate stores would be to locate an expert to get a niche site built for you. I do not want you to believe that with a link you will start generating income quickly. For example, I do not think that the links and banners contained in this article generate a single dollar. Why? Well, very simple, you have to work your niche.

An example of what would not work is this same article. Surely you have not entered the thinking of buying a Kindle. However, if the article were about eBooks, where it would give a detailed description of each one, and link them, surely it would have many more possibilities.

Best ways to build Amazon affiliate stores, as well as the ideal way to take advantage of affiliate marketing, would be to build your niche site by directing it to a niche market. For example, a gardening blog could talk about many gardening articles and include links to them. It could also link with gardening and plant care books. This sure would generate income.

Other examples could be a pet website (utensils and books), recipes (books, household appliances, kitchen utensils, dishes, frying pans), etc. The good thing about doing affiliate marketing with Amazon is that you have a multitude of products, whatever the subject you are dealing with on your blog or website.
Finally, the best ways to build Amazon affiliate stores is also to employ WordPress! Do you really want to build an Amazon Affiliate Store WordPress? In this very article, we have shown you how to create an Amazon Affiliate easily. Employing WordPress to have your store build might seem simple, but it still needs to look professional, guess what, the professionals will have it done better.

Zen Titan 2.0

For many years people wonder how affiliates make money with Amazon, and it turns out that seems as easy as picking a hot product, get free traffic and earn affiliate commissions. Amazon’s affiliate program is considered the #1 opportunity based on over 256 million products to promote and $300 million in sales every day. The main problem is how actually earn Amazon affiliate commissions in a quick and easy way with 100% free traffic.

Amazon affiliate marketing business

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YouTube, with more than 3 Billion views daily can take your Amazon Affiliate business to the next level using a “drag and drop” loophole getting free YouTube traffic of several e-commerce keywords like sports, computing, books, electronics or games; this lets us earn affiliate commissions for over 250 million Amazon products.

At this point, Zen Titan 2.0 comes in to improve your Amazon Affiliate business to the next level just following an easy 4-step formula:

⦁ Step One: Selection of the most in-demand Amazon niches websites. Amazon niches websites are sites that earn from Amazon’s program of associates via links/banners placed throughout the site. To consider an Amazon niches website as one, this one needs to earn most of its revenues from Amazon’s program of the affiliate.

make money on youtube
make money on youtube

With Zen Titan, the first software that will take your Amazon Affiliate business to the next level is the Zen Niches software with thousands of pre-loaded Amazon niches websites to choose.

⦁ Step Two: Affiliate programs. The second tool that is provided by Zen Titan is the Zen Affiliate, With this tool, you drag and drop a few products and automatically creates a “builder” with a complete product review. After that, you create a campaign file for improving your Amazon affiliate marketing business  to the next level.

⦁ Step Three: Create the video. At this point, YouTube joins into the party, with the Zen Video Creator software that allows you to create product review videos in few steps. For using this tool, you just need to import the campaign that you created in the previous step, tweak some settings, download it and it’s ready to upload!


⦁ Step Four: Free traffic and make money. For this, you need a website to turn the traffic of your YouTube video and get into Amazon affiliate commissions. Zen Titan provides you another tool called Zen e-Commerce Store theme that improves your Amazon Affiliate business to the next level giving you your own e-Commerce Store, allowing you to import your Amazon reviews just importing the campaign file that you created using the Zen Researcher tool. Your e-commerce store is pre-populated with your own Amazon affiliate reviews with no need of writing a thing.

Zen Titan also gives you the Zen Keywords tool that came with a lot of profitable keywords for getting to over 100 of the most in-demand Amazon niches websites just by choosing one and downloading the list. With this, you would be able to rank your Zen Videos and websites on Google and YouTube. Definitely, for a few dollars, Zen Titan is your #1 option to blend YouTube and Amazon in a fresh way for making money lifting off your Amazon affiliate business to the next level.

Make sure to have a nice morning, day and night! Thank you for reading this!

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