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5CloudHost Review in 2022 Get Hosting for 5 years 1 Payment for Web host

     5CloudHost Review and   5 CloudHost Bonus

Don’t you hate waiting for your product sites to load up? We all know the horrible feeling of waiting an excessive amount of time for your woocommerce WordPress site to launch fast enough for customers.

5 Cloud host fixes that problem with Ultra-Fast loading speeds that you cannot get anywhere else. I have used 5 Cloudhost personally and have seen my WordPress site launch seven times faster than it normally would.

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Ok, Google has clearly stated that sites that load faster rank better?so why would you host your site on anything less than ultra-reliable cloud hosting?*preferably with Cloudflare integration for even more speed & securityGoogle also favor site with an SSL certificate

5CloudHost Review

5CloudHost Review

 What is 5CloudHost

5 Cloud host is a web hosting service with plans that are designed to last for five years for only a one-time payment fee. It has lots of affordable plans with a great deal.

The first plan is Cloud Starter. This is for personal sites. The benefits in this package include 1 hosted domain and 5GB SSD storage

Cloud Starter-1 hosted domain, 5GB SSD storage.

The next package is Cloud Business. This is the most popular hosting feature which is good for Business and E-Commerce. I know from experience that E-commerce sites can become very loaded with lots of people.

Cloud Business eliminates this problem by having an extra 10 hosted domains. This means you can have up to 10 different websites and 15GB of SSD storage which is more than enough.

Cloud Business-10 hosted domains, 15GB SSD storage.

The last package for users is the Cloud Enterprise. This is the best offer because it has unlimited domains for five years which means that you can create a lot of different websites for your needs.

If you are a large business owner and own smaller companies that this will be great for you. It is also great if you are a business but you won’t create different sites to sell different products.

5 CloudHost Review

5CloudHost Review

Along with providing high-performance servers, 5CloudHost also provides a secure and reliable infrastructure. All of the data centers here are Tier 3 certified. They all have their own firewall, anti-malware and anti-virus scanner which helps you secure your website.

This means that it will be very hard for hackers to get into your data information. Their data centers are located in the United States(Miami, FL, and Dallas, TX) and Europe (Manchester/UK, Frankfurt/DE, The Hague/NL, and Burchares/RO).

The good thing is you can choose any of these data centers.

Catalin Draga is the creator of Cloudhost. He was a well-known vendor for his high quality hosting products and services. After a while, he took a long and hard look at what the super cheap companies were offering for their low priced accounts.

He promised himself to overcome what they had offered in features while also trying to give buyers better quality, better uptime and also better support.

Also since he was outdoing them on service, he also was going to outdo them on the price. 5CloudHost promises to take down all hosting services in the market right now with high quality and an affordable price.

5 Cloud host vs Hostgator Website Speed Test

5 years of hosting
5 years of hosting
powerful servers with 40 cores
powerful servers with 40 cores

Easy to use 5CloudHost ?


Cloudhost is very simple and easy to use. When first getting it you must enter a new or existing domain name into your dashboard.

When that is done set up a fresh website with applications available from your existing host. When that is done just publish your site and your very secure and fast 5CloudHost will be up in minutes.

You have quick shortcuts on your dashboard which can lead to email accounts, forwarders, autoresponders, file mangers, backups and more.

This makes it very easy to use because you do not have to go through the hassle to find these things. Also in your panel, you can see all of the options that you would normally look at in a regular hosting site.

Everything is super easy and all in one page. Even if you want to install WordPress, you can do it at a click of a button. This ease of use is especially good for business owners and people who are not really into technology.

I know the feeling os spending long hours on other web hosting sites just to come up with low speed. 5CloudHost eliminates all of these problems with fast efficient hosting.

Features  5CloudHost

5CloudHost offers a number of great features. Some of which I mentioned before. The first feature they use is to One-Click WordPress Installation & Cloudflare CDN.Wordpress is one of the most used CNS in the market. 5CloudHost provides one-click installation of your WordPress site. Not only this but it also provides support to other web apps.The second feature that cloudhost offers is a free SSL certificate. SSL(HTTPS) has become one of the important features on any website.The site having SSL certificates are considered more safe and secure. The audience even tends to trust these sites more.Don’t you want more people on your site? 5CloudHost is also built with daily backups which are very important. You put a lot of effort into writing content for your website which helps the readers. Nobody wants all of this to be lost. 5CloudHost comes to the rescue with these daily backups.

hosting companies
hosting companies

Honest 5CloudHost Review – My Opinion: Is it worth using?

I had been using 5cloudhost for a little while and I decided to write an honest review. Overall, I think it’s worth using if you’re looking for a web host. The speed is also a search, cloudflare, and the hosting service is good. The cpanel account is easy to use and the servers are powerful. The only downside is that the hosting plans are a little bit more expensive than some of the other options out there (as little as 2 cents per month). But if you’re looking for a good quality web hosting service, I would definitely recommend 5cloudhost is 5 years of blazing-fast hosting account.


5CloudHost Review Conclusion

5cloudhost is a great WordPress hosting provider that offers a variety of features and bonuses. The company has a great reputation and their customer service is excellent. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a WordPress host.

If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable web host, you can’t go wrong with 5CloudHost. They’ve been in business for over 5 years and offer a variety of hosting plans to suit any budget. Plus, they offer some great bonuses if you sign up for a longer term.


5CloudHost Review – Features & Services

Cloudflare is a 5cloudhost review that serves as a web host, hosting service, and wordpress. They offer servers with 40 cores intel xeon cpus, ssd, and web hosting service. Their storage is raid-protected ssd storage and 10gbps control panel


5 Cloud Host Price and Hosting Plan:

There are a few things to consider when selecting a cloud host and hosting plan. Price is always a factor, but it’s also important to consider the features and options that each plan offers. Some hosts offer more storage or bandwidth than others, so it’s important to select a plan that meets your needs. There are also different levels of support available from different hosts, so be sure to select a plan that includes the level of support you need.

5 years of hosting

powerful servers with 40 cores

hosting companies

Things I love about 5 CloudHost  

The thing I love about cloud host firstly is its price. Many other hosting platforms cost too much for too little to gain. 5CloudHost eliminates all of this with $47 for its first package.

I also love that each package is for 5 years. This makes it so I do not have to worry every year about paying for hosting. 5 years is a really good offer to consider. Especially if you are all about the long-term growth.

Another thing I love about CloudHost is the speed. For such a low price the speed is something that I did not expect. Lots of times we pay a lot for hosting sites but the speed is way too slow to even do anything on it.

The last thing I love about CloudHost is the security behind it all. Personally, I had a site that got hacked some time ago. So to hear that CloudHost runs daily backups is an amazing and efficient thing to hear about.


MY  Final words 




When choosing a web hosting site for your business, blog, or e-commerce site. 5CloudHosing is the way to go. It offers just too many benefits not to say yes o. Also, this is all for a very affordable price. I hope you liked this 5CloudHosting Review

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 Bonuses ?

To Make This Even Better For You, I Have Put Together 5CloudHosting  When You Pick This Up Today.


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