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WP Backlink Machine v3 Review + WP Backlink Machine v3 bonus


WP Backlink Machine v2 is to Help Rank Your Sites Higher in 
Google, Yahoo, Bing
This Software Ranks Your Site HIGHER (100s of backlinks)


WP Backlink Machine v3

Rank Your Sites HIGHER - Get 100s of BACKLINKS (new plugin)

Now you can get your website ranked faster.

Backlinks have been the most important SEO factor

For rankings since the beginning of search engines.

But to get backlinks, website owners normally have to hire

SEO agencies and spend thousands of dollars.

NOT ANYMORE.BacklinkMachine v2 Review


WP Backlink Machine v2 Review

Watch The

Quick Demo

1 Minute Demo  Since the beginning of search engines and SEO

These backlinks have been the MOST important 

SEO factor to rank sites higher



 v3 IS

 About ?

One of the KEY factors to ranking higher in Google, Bing, Yahoo or any search engine is... BACKLINKS.

If you have a good number of backlinks, your sites rank highert than your competitors. 

That is  FACT. If you look at most rankings, the higher ranking sites have more backlinks than others.

Well, thats exactly what BacklinkMachine helps you get, MORE BACKLINKS so you can rank higher.

Not just that, it does two key things...

1. AUTOMATION - build backlinks automatically to any new post published on your wordpress site.

2. PUSH BUTTON - Want to build 50 backlinks to a new post? You got it. BacklinkMachine can do that in just 1 Click, all links delivered within 24 to 48hrs. It's that simple.

- Wordpress Plugin that can build backlinks to all your posts with the push of a button.

- Define any number of anchor text for your links.

- Select niche/category for your link sources.

- Automatically add internal links to keywords.

- Get SEO Score for every blog post for On Page SEO.

- Generate a complete backlink report in 48hrs.

- Drip Feed backlinks intelligently over a few days.

- Automatic indexing of all your backlinks.

- FULLY AUTOPILOT - make a new post and get 20 or 50 backlinks built to it within the next 48hrs. 

- No manual work required at all.

- No more expensive outsourcing.

- Build Backlinks for Unlimited Wordpress Sites.

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Upsell BacklinkMachine v3

OTO1 PRO Version Features

- All the Features of the Front End Version PLUS... BacklinkMachine v2 Review

- Access to our Web SaaS Platform, build backlinks to ANY SITE from a single interface.

- Build 10 different types of backlinks.

- Get Backlinks from Targeted content sources.

- Get Keyword ideas for backlinks in 1-Click.

- Automatic SEO Score + Optimization Tips for each post.

- 3000 BONUS backlink credits for your account.

- Build backlinks for Youtube videos.

- Export backlink report to PDF. BacklinkMachine v2 Review

- Keyword research Tool built in to help you with keyword research for your backlink anchor texts.

- Create DAILY automated backlink campaigns that create 20 links per day for 30 days...etc. Set & Forget.

BacklinkMachine v2 Bonus


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